Senior Pastor at Monaco Christian Fellowship/ICC Eurasia

Monaco Christian Fellowship is in search of a Senior Pastor. (

Monaco Christian Fellowship is a place to find God and connect with others. People from all nations and walks of life visit and worship with us every Sunday.  We gather weekly to sing, pray, learn from the bible, and encourage one another in our faith.  We are committed to helping others come to know Him and experience the transforming power of the gospel.

No matter where you are in your faith journey, we are all made for a relationship with God. Rediscovering our identity as His children will bring meaning, purpose and fulfillment to every area of your life.


Job Purpose:

The role of the Senior Pastor is to serve MCF by modeling a life of godly, Christ-centered servant leadership, and by providing pastoral care, biblical teaching and spiritual equipping to the members of the congregation. The Senior Pastor will work alongside the leadership team to help lead the congregation in developing and fulfilling the vision of the Church.



Senior Pastor

1. To pursue growth in love of God and love for others, growth in personal spiritual disciplines, growth in the fruits of the Spirit, and growth in God-centered marriage and family life.

2. To provide direct oversight over ministries of worship and prayer, discipleship, outreach/ evangelism, biblical teaching, and preaching.

3. To challenge, equip, and provide spiritual care for all MCF members.

4. To encourage or to develop opportunities for members of MCF to grow toward maturity as disciples of Jesus, to grow in their understanding of God and of Scripture, and to grow in their use of their spiritual gifts, including the development of small group ministries and providing support for leaders of such ministries.

5. To oversee the equipping of the church body in the knowledge of God for a life of godliness and effective outreach, in both word and deed.

6. To give leadership and direction in all the ministries of MCF, helping to train, grow and empower the Ministry Team Leaders to effectively fulfill their roles.

7. To give leadership over the administration and organizational life of MCF.

8. To pray for the people involved in the churches, its representation of Christ in the region and also interceding for the ministry to the surrounding community.



The Senior Pastor

1. will be a baptized, mature Christian of moral integrity, with a clear testimony of personal faith in Jesus Christ, a vocational calling to ministry and an ordination with a recognized Protestant Christian church.

2. will have theological education, preferably at least through the Masters level or the equivalent in the relevant country of training/ordination; exceptions may apply where ministry experience and other non-formal education may be found equivalent

3. will have successful pastoral and leadership experience of at least two years prior to service at IBC, with preferably international ministry or pastoral experience;

4. will have a usable knowledge of the biblical languages of Hebrew and Greek, and be able to effectively apply this knowledge towards sound preaching and teaching;

5. will be fluent in the English language, the medium language of MCF, and able to write effectively in English;

6. will commit and pursue study of the French language, preferably at least to the middle level if not already acquired;

7. will have or will acquire leadership training and skills for successful administration and oversight of staff;

8. will have experience in pastoral care and biblical counseling;

9. will appreciate and be able to work with a multi-cultural, multi-national congregation;

10. will affirm the MCF Statement of Faith, and will affirm and defend the doctrines of the historic Christian faith, while remaining gracious with regard to differences in secondary matters of faith and practice.

This position is a full-time, faith-based support with stipends for housing costs. The right applicant may be able to grow this into a paid position.

Receiving applications: March - May 2023

If you have questions or to apply, please send your resume to James Arnold [email protected]


Monaco Christian Fellowship/ICC Eurasia
7 Rue Louis Notari
Monaco, International MC98000


James Arnold
+33 (0)664969422
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Job type
Full Time
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This position is a full-time, faith-based support with stipends for housing costs. The right applicant may be able to grow this into a paid position.
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