Food Service Director at MinistryHub
110 N. Poplar Street · Wilmington, DE 19801

MinistryHub is honored to partner with Sunday Breakfast Mission in their search for a Food Service Director. Please direct all applications through MinistryHub and any inquiries to [email protected].



To minister to the spiritual, social, emotional and physical needs of the residents and guests by leading them to discover salvation and healing through the Lord Jesus Christ.


Job Objective


  • Chef-driven food service experience for large meals with a curative cuisine focus.
  • To coordinate & oversee ordering, food prep. and sanitation for all Mission kitchens and food service activities
  • To be responsible for prep. of meals on a regular shift, providing nutritious and attractive meals to program men, overnight guests, community, Mission staff and guests
  • To supervise kitchen workers in their duties encouraging a spirit of teamwork
  • To interview, train, supervise, counsel, schedule and evaluate residents/volunteers as it pertains to the food service areas
  • To communicate effectively for short and long term planning
  • To lead by example
  • To oversee ordering, food preparation and sanitation and coordinate volunteers and program residents for special events including, but not limited to the Great Thanksgiving Banquet.



  • Be a born again, mature Christian able to clearly communicate the Gospel as opportunities during the work day arise; and regularly attend a Bible-believing church.
  • Have a desire to serve the Lord through widely varied responsibilities to advance ministry to those currently homeless and the urban poor of Wilmington with a compassionate heart.
  • Have cooking experience, including a good knowledge of Health Department expectations; including knowledge/certification in Serve Safe
  • Have flexibility and be able to take instruction
  • Have organizational skills and good communication skills
  • Have knowledge of computer and inventory systems § Exhibit leadership ability and ability to work with people
  • Have a good understanding of other departments and their needs throughout the ministry
  • Able to deal with people in a variety of circumstances
  • Able to use good judgment to make independent decisions
  • Process a servant’s heart for people: compassion and understanding to work with individuals who are hurting
  • Maintain a public and private life consistent with the standards and policies of SBM
  • Represent a clean and neat in appearance. - honest and trustworthy in character




  • Seek to exemplify Jesus Christ daily and be prepared to share the Gospel as opportunities arise
  • Lead the day-to-day operations of the food service department
  • Must be able to implement new systems, communicate on a regular basis, and consistently follow through on tasks related to the highest quality and ultimate efficiency in the operation of Food Service
  • Create weekly food orders and menu for both kitchens
  • Develop menus that are nutritious and tasteful, using donated foods as much as possible
  • Ensure that personnel and systems are in place to serve every meal
  • Directly oversee weekly kitchen order deliveries (food & supplies)
  • Use the warehouse inventory to compile a daily kitchen order
  • Make sure the menu is followed by all kitchen workers
  • Make sure food in walk-ins is dated and rotated on a daily basis
  • Make sure cleanliness of kitchen facilities, sanitary practices of cooks & program staff, and quality service.
  • Supervise the kitchen workers in both kitchens and dining rooms, preparing and serving program men and shelter clients as well as staff meetings, board meetings, special luncheons and events.
  • Personally oversee hosting volunteers/donors coming to SBM to prepare and/or serve meals or any kitchen related projects. Ensure a positive experience and ensure Mission commitments are honored by volunteers/donors.
  • Communicate the volunteer schedules to kitchen workers at SBM
  • Resolve conflict through fair treatment and discipline
  • Work in harmony with Men’s Ministry and Family Ministry staff
  • Participate in all required ministry activities
  • Interact with professionalism and Christian maturity with all Mission management and staff
  • Attend all lead management staff meetings
    Perform other duties as assigned by the President


110 N. Poplar Street · Wilmington, DE 19801
Wilmington, Delaware 19801


Jordan Whilden
[email protected]



110 N. Poplar Street · Wilmington, DE 19801
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