Community Artist & Educator at Mennonite Central Committee
Reedley, CA

Summary: Community Artist and Educator works closely with the West Coast MCC staff team focused on external audience and churches. This role is creative and enhances regional connections with churches, community members, and young adults by creating artist pieces and murals that reflect the values and mission of MCC and spark conversations about MCC’s work. This position will teach and educate through art, creative expressions, and storytelling to promote MCC’s work in relation to migration, justice, and peacebuilding. This position will create several murals in the community that will generate funds to support MCC’s work.

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Position Scope: This position is focused on external constituency and will be responsible for broadening young adult and church connections in the West Coast region through artist platforms and coordinating education spaces with the goal of increasing advocacy knowledge and engagement. This position will report directly to the West Coast MCC Executive Director


Major Responsibilities:

60% Artistic Project Creation and Implementation:
• Generate opportunities for artistic projects, painting, and/or mural painting within the West Coast region and larger MCC U.S. (upon request) with the specific purpose to educate and promote MCC’s work in relation to migration, justice, and peacebuilding.
• Organize and complete minimal of six artist projects in the West Coast region within a calendar year to generate funds that will go to support MCC’s efforts.
• Plan and lead artist classes, training, or artist projects for people to learn and connect with creative art.
• Networking with other faith-based art organizations and/or artists to collaborate on projects, support one another for artist work, and represent MCC’s commitment to the arts and faith.
30% Constituent Education
• Teaching and education through art, creative expressions, painting, and/or mural painting, and storytelling about MCC’s advocacy in relation to migration, justice, and peacebuilding.
• Participate in learning opportunities within West Coast MCC and the larger MCC network to keep up to date on MCC’s work in migration, justice, and peacebuilding efforts.
10% Administrative Work
• Work with the West Coast Executive Director and Finance Associate to generate contracts or MOU agreements for the mural paintings and/or teaching opportunities.
• Coordinate and schedule teaching opportunities for leading conversations about MCC’s work.


Mennonite Central Committee
1010 G Street
Reedley, California 93654


Jenna Villatoro


Reedley, CA
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
$19.47 minimum
Ordained position
Exempt status
Creative Thinking
Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation
Educational Services