Seek Discipleship Program International Facilitator at Mennonite Central Committee

Job Synopsis

The Seek Program International Facilitator will provide leadership for MCC Cambodia’s 2025 and 2026 Seek cohorts, alongside a Cambodian Co-Facilitator, while ensuring that the Anabaptist faith perspective is integrated into the cross-cultural discipleship program. The Connecting Peoples Coordinator and MCC Representatives to Cambodia will provide ongoing supports, framing, contextualization, logistics, and participate in planning.

Seek is an intentional discipleship cohort program that focuses on exposing young adults between the ages of 18-20 in what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ in an international context, from an Anabaptist faith perspective.  Seek cohorts will take place in Cambodia from January to June of both 2025 and 2026, exploring themes such as:

What does belonging to the Christian minority in a Buddhist context look like?
How has the Church promoted healing and hope after the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge?
How has the young Cambodian Church – Christianity was only legalized in 1990 – flourished? How have international Christian missions helped and hindered the young Cambodian Church?
The Seek program will provide structured service and learning opportunities which round out the discipleship training experience. The program will include guided Bible study, meaningful interaction with Cambodian Christians of various faiths, service opportunities, and ongoing language/cultural learning. The Seek cohort participants will live in a divided-floor house, with safeguards and supervision in place. MCC will rent an apartment for the Seek facilitator nearby.

The desired outcome of Seek is for the participants to have an increased self-awareness about their Christian identity within the Global Church and how it influences their perceptions, values, and beliefs. Seek participants will be prepared for a life of discipleship and to a greater sense of purpose, which can be the basis for further education and a ministry in the church and the world including future service with Mennonite Central Committee.

Ideally, the Facilitator will attend July 2024 General Orientation and Leadership skills in Akron, PA and arrive in Cambodia by mid-August at the latest. During August and September, the facilitator will join the incoming SALT and YAMEN participants for Cambodia Orientation as well as work with HR and Reps to interview and select Seek participants. In October-December the facilitator will engage in Khmer language learning, building the curriculum and growing relationships with the Khmer church. The Facilitator will be supervised by the MCC Representatives to Cambodia.
Job Details

This is a full-time, Service Worker position with a set term length. Service Workers are MCC personnel who are financially supported through a monthly stipend, coverage of living expense and a comprehensive benefits package.

All MCC workers are expected to exhibit a commitment to: a personal Christian faith and discipleship; active participation in a Christian church or Christian community; and nonviolent peacemaking. MCC is an equal opportunity employer, committed to employment equity. MCC values diversity and invites all qualified candidates to apply.

Be well-grounded in the Anabaptist faith tradition or willingness to rigorously engage Anabaptist theology and teachings.

Ability to articulate the primary reasons why MCC embraces peace making.

Strong spoken and written English skills.

Basic computer literacy (Office + Outlook)

International experience and proven ability to function effectively in a cross-cultural setting.

Previous youth ministry experience and a commitment to youth discipleship is highly desirable

Experience creating learning experiences to guide students.

?Invitations to serve with MCC are contingent on the successful outcome of criminal background check(s).

Anti-oppression commitment: MCC expects all staff to actively participate in an organization culture that focuses on dismantling any barriers based on race, economic inequality, or gender-based oppression. This includes an expectation to assess and address any barriers within themselves, within their team(s), and within MCC.

Safeguarding commitment:?All MCC Staff are expected to work collaboratively to create and maintain an organizational culture that prevents and responds to situations of abuse of power (sexual harassment, child abuse, racism, exploitation, and fraud among other situations).
Key Responsibilties

Key Responsibilities:

a. Provide the Anabaptist faith perspective as part of the overall Seek program experience.

b. Working closely with the Local Facilitator, CPC and Reps, plan and coordinate the Seek Discipleship program in Cambodia from January – June 2025 and January - June 2026.

c. Facilitate regular sessions or lectures for Seek participants on Anabaptism and/or topical issues vis-à-vis an Anabaptist worldview

d.  Lead the Seek participants through the established curriculum to provide spiritual mentorship to the participants.

e. Lead the Seek participants in exploring themes identified for the Cambodian context, such as what does belonging to the Christian minority in a Buddhist context look like? How has the Church promoted healing and hope after the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge?

e.  Utilize additional resources to supplement the curriculum as needed.

f. Plan for activities and guest lecturers and other learning opportunities for the program, in collaboration with the Local Facilitator, CPC and Reps.


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Jenna Villatoro
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Full Time
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Ordained position
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Working with Adolescents