Chaplain at Marketplace Chaplains
Multiple locations across the United States

Summary: Chaplains are the front-line staff fulfilling the mission of Marketplace Chaplains to share God’s love in the workplace by providing employee care services through Chaplain Care Teams. Chaplains use their spiritual gifts and talents to serve company employees and their immediate families. The Chaplain reports directly to an Executive Director of Operations (EDO) for assignments, directions, and guidance.

Qualifications for this position:
1.      This position is ministerial in nature as the person fulfilling this role will be:

·         Serving Marketplace Chaplains as a messenger and conveyor of its faith, mission, and purpose, as expressed in Marketplace Chaplains’ Mission Statements and Articles of Faith which are incorporated herein by reference as if fully set forth herein. This position ministers to and encourages existing employees and families of companies, those served or affected by our companies, other chaplains, and other ministry personnel.

·         Representing Christ as a visible witness to the beliefs embodied by Marketplace Chaplains, as outlined in Marketplace Chaplains’ Articles of Faith, Standards of Conduct and the Employee Handbook, which are incorporated herein by reference as if fully set forth herein.

·         Interacting with companies, their employees, and the community in a manner that exhibits Christ-character through personal and corporate spiritual disciplines, as an ambassador of faith in Christ.


2.      Has a fundamental understanding of the Holy Bible and its proper application, and has education or training in seminary or Bible studies.


3.      Attests to a saving faith in Jesus Christ and actively participates in a biblically based church.


4.      Agreement and adherence to all Marketplace Chaplains’ Articles of Faith, Mission Statement, and Standards of Conduct, which outline beliefs and conduct that we believe are required to perpetuate and exhibit our stated faith.


5.      A commitment to, and demonstration of, Christian living, philosophy of life, and belief in Christ and his teachings, in accordance with Marketplace Chaplains’ Articles of Faith and Standards of Conduct and to be publicly and privately supportive of the Christian faith.


6.      Demonstrates a calling to Christian ministry as a chaplain and is effective at evangelism and discipleship in the context of the business world.


7.      Exhibits exceptional interpersonal relationship and communication skills.


8.      Possesses language skills and cultural understanding and sensitivity applicable to the employees served, ensuring an ability to clearlycommunicate.


9.      Performs duties consistently and effectively without closesupervision.


10.    Functions well under the authority of an EDO and as a member of a chaplain team.


11.    Performs administrative duties in a timely and efficient manner.


12.    Possesses a valid and current driver’s license and proof of valid and current automobile liability insurance.


13.    Agrees to complete New Chaplain Training and coaching before becoming a Marketplace Chaplain and has a computer, and smart phone necessary for training, and to document work-site activities.


14.    Agrees to carry a smart phone with voicemail and be available for crisis response at any time of the day or night.


15.    Agrees to complete a background check.


16.    Must be able to walk up and down stairs, walk distances in warehouses, large floor offices, bend and lift up to 25 pounds for resource materials.


Significant and Specific Duties of the Position:
I.        In the course of Ministry to company employees and their families:

1.       Makes brief visits to company worksites regularly (usually weekly) to interact with employees to build a relationship of trust and friendship, motivated by the Chaplain’s deep Christian faith and love of all peoples as exhibited by our Lord Jesus Christ.

2.       Visits employees or immediate family members wherever care can be expressed and help given: hospitals, nursing homes, funeral homes, family residences, or other sites.

3.       At the request of an employee:

·         Helps plan, conduct or attend funerals for employees or immediate family members, including follow-up support and encouragement to immediate family members during the grief period.

·         Makes jail visits to employees and immediate family members

4.       As requested will work with companies to serve notifications of death and serious injuries to families and other employees, encouraging those impacted by various tragedies.

5.       At the request of a company, provides post-termination care for laid-off or terminated employees in order to foster a smooth transition to another work environment.

6.       Provides confidential pastoral discussions for problem issues of employees and their immediate family members including, but not limited to family matters, divorce, serious illness, care of aging parents, death and grief recovery, parenting, financial situations that may include debt discussions, budgeting, and other life issues related to financial stress, as well as any other personal issues. Provides referral service and acts as coordinator for specialized assistance to employees and/or immediate family members with specific needs.

7.       Facilitate, but not lead, spiritual enrichment activities, as an employee-sponsored and led activity will usually be more fruitful than a chaplain led event.

8.       Provides, as appropriate, literature and other resources to assist company employees with life issues.

9.       Represents companies to clients/customers where it would be appropriate to have the company’s Chaplain involved (i.e., serious illness, accidents, and funerals).

10.   Participates in new employee orientation to explain the Employee Care Program and the role of the Chaplain Team.

11.   Adheres to Marketplace Chaplains’ policy regarding client-company confidentiality.

12.   With EDO's permission, responds positively and aggressively to other duties and services requested by executive leadership of companies, within the scope of the Letter of Agreement between Marketplace Chaplains and the company.

13.   Exhibits a consistent practice of personal evangelism and sharing the good news of Jesus in

accordance with the Holy Scriptures and our Articles of Faith through relationships built by serving company employees and their families.

14.   Completes other chaplain assignments made by EDO.


II.         In the course of ensuring company retention:
1.       Builds relationships with company management personnel and seeks to minister to them under the direction of the EDO.


2.       Responds appropriately to all assignments from company management personnel, confirming activities with EDO.


3.       Encourages employees and family members who are grateful for chaplain ministry to send letters of appreciation to the executive leadership of companies.


4.       Immediately communicates with EDO any information concerning our relationship with the company.


5.       Works with the chaplain team to respond appropriately to all ministry opportunities, especially in times of crisis.


III.       Administration and Other Activities:
1.          Reports are submitted on the day of the visit. All activities and expenses must be submitted by the last day of the calendar month through the web-based Digital Care Platform (DCP).


2.          Maintains current personal information, such as mailing address and other contact information in DCP.


3.          Regularly attends online or in person team meetings, training opportunities or other meetings as called by EDO.


4.          Regularly accesses Litmos to make use of training and other available resources.

IV.       Specific Disqualifications, in addition to upholding requirements listed above:
1.         Conduct or views that offend or oppose the precepts of the Faith as outlined in Marketplace Chaplains Articles of Faith, Standards of Conduct, Mission Statement, and Core Values.


2.         Fostering, repeating, advertising, or disseminating religious views, or statements that conflict with Marketplace Chaplains’ declared mission and belief, as doing so will damage the testimony, mission, and goals of Marketplace Chaplains.


Marketplace Chaplains
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Taylor Dang
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Multiple locations across the United States
Job type
Part Time
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Ordained position
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