Senior Minister at Margate Community Church
Margate, NJ

The church has affiliations with the United Church of Christ and the American Baptist denomination. However, the church as been served by ministers from a variety of backgrounds and, as a community church, is ecumenical and interdenominational in spirit and practice.

The Senior Minister is responsible for, in order of importance:

Spiritual Guidance and Pastoral CareProvide pastoral leadership for creating and maintaining a ministry that inspires, nourishes, and informs the spiritual welfare of the congregations
Be responsible for the worship experience at the Margate Community Church. The Senior Minister will provide overall worship planning leadership. Additionally, the Senior Minister will ensure that the sacraments are administered appropriately, and officiate at weddings and funerals as necessary
Provide pastoral care for the congregation and for all who seek comfort and guidance through the church; foster a culture of care
Lead the adult education program
Leadership and DevelopmentDirect the work of the staff and encourage a collegial, collaborative approach with staff; participate in annual and ongoing performance evaluations based on the Employee Policies and Procedures Manual
Promote the personal, spiritual and leadership growth of church members in leadership roles
Provide support and spiritual guidance to the following groups: the Trustees, the Deacons, the Advisory Council, the Alter Sanctuary Guild, the Nursery School Board, and other groups as needed
In collaboration and consultation with the Church Moderator, provide leadership and communication
Engage in professional learning opportunities
Maintain current standing in the UCC Southern New England Conference and the American Baptist Churches
Community Engagement and PartnershipsServe as a community representative of the church, supporting partnerships and relationships with community groups and other churches
Oversee the church’s relationship with internal partners, such as the Nursery Board
Regularly engage in congregation-wide fellowship activities
Ensure a high level of community connection and representation with local clergy and interfaith organizations
Resource Development and Fiscal ManagementAs the leader of a welcoming community, the senior minister will grow its participation/membership and finances with the programs and theological philosophy of the church
Support responsible management of the church’s financial resources in cooperation with the Trustees, the Finance Committee, and the Treasurer
Take a leadership role in efforts to achieve long-term financial goals of the church


Margate Community Church
8900 Ventnor Avenue
Margate, New Jersey 08204


Kimberly Tucker

[email protected]


Margate, NJ
Job type
Full Time
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Ordained position
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Church Ministry