Discipleship Pastor or Director at Mandarin Presbyterian Church
Jacksonville Fl.32223

Job Title: Discipleship Pastor or Director
Overview: MPC is a church seeking to be filled with people taking steps closer to Jesus day by day and growing deeper in His Word. We are a worshipping community of 1200 members. The church has existed for over 6o years in the heart of Mandarin, which is a neighborhood in south Jacksonville. Many of our members live in the neighborhood or just across the Julington Creek bridge in St. Johns. This is one of the fastest growing areas in the country and is ripe with opportunities to nurture people in the Gospel! You can learn more about our church at www.mandarinpres.com. As the Discipleship Pastor/Director, you will play a pivotal role in nurturing the spiritual growth and development of individuals within our congregation. You will oversee the design, implementation, and evaluation of various discipleship programs and initiatives aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of faith, facilitating spiritual formation, and empowering believers to live out their faith in practical ways. Your leadership will be essential in creating a culture of discipleship where individuals are equipped and encouraged to grow in their relationship with God and others.
* Ordination is not a requirement, but if the candidate is ordained, the position will be an assistant pastor.
1. Program Development:
• Collaborate with church leadership and ministry teams to develop a comprehensive discipleship strategy aligned with the church's vision and values.
• Design and implement discipleship programs, classes, small groups, and other initiatives catered to various age groups and spiritual maturity levels.
• Create curriculum and resources for discipleship activities, ensuring they are biblically sound, relevant, and engaging.
2. Leadership and Training:
• Recruit, train, and equip volunteer leaders to facilitate discipleship groups and activities.
• Provide ongoing support, mentorship, and resources to volunteer leaders to enhance their effectiveness in disciple-making.
• Foster a collaborative and empowering environment where leaders feel valued and equipped to fulfill their roles effectively.
3. Spiritual Formation:
• Develop strategies to encourage personal spiritual disciplines such as prayer, Bible study, worship, and fasting among congregation members.
• Organize retreats, seminars, and workshops focused on spiritual growth, discipleship, and Christian living.
• Provide pastoral care and guidance to individuals seeking spiritual direction and deeper understanding of their faith journey.
4. Community Engagement:
• Facilitate opportunities for service, outreach, and missions involvement to help individuals apply their faith in practical ways.
• Foster a sense of community and belonging within discipleship groups through fellowship, accountability, and mutual support.
• Collaborate with other ministries within the church to integrate discipleship efforts into broader community outreach initiatives.
5. Evaluation and Improvement:
• Monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of discipleship programs and activities, gathering feedback from participants and leaders.
• Identify areas for improvement and implement adjustments to enhance the overall discipleship experience.
• Stay informed about current trends, resources, and best practices in discipleship ministry to continually innovate and improve.
• Bachelor's degree, preferably in theology, ministry, Christian education, or related field (Master's degree preferred).
• Alignment with ECO Essential Tenets and MPC’s mission and values
• Strong understanding of the Bible and reformed theology
• Previous experience in discipleship ministry leadership or pastoral roles within a church setting.
• Proven leadership skills with the ability to recruit, train, and empower volunteers.
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to relate to individuals from diverse backgrounds.
• Organizational skills with the ability to manage multiple projects and priorities effectively.
• Commitment to personal spiritual growth and ongoing professional development.
Note: This job description outlines the primary duties and qualifications for the role of Pastor/Discipleship Director. However, additional responsibilities may arise as needed, and flexibility and adaptability are essential traits for success in this position.
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Mandarin Presbyterian Church
11844 Mandarin Road
Jacksonville, Florida 32223


Brian Paul
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Jacksonville Fl.32223
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