Youth Leader at Magnolia Presbyterian Church
Riverside, CA 92506

The Youth Leader provides a safe and happy environment for the middle school and high school youth of our Church family and makes their involvement at Magnolia Presbyterian Church a positive and enriching Christian experience.

Desired Qualifications
1.     Confessed and committed disciple of Christ

2.     An ability to communicate effectively with youth, their families, and church staff and committees

3.     Willingness to submit to a criminal background check

4.     Willingness to attend Child Safety training (a requirement for anyone working with youth)

5.     Willingness to participate in First Aid training and CPR certification

6.     Willingness to participate in Sexual Misconduct Prevention training

1.     Mentor and disciple Magnolia Presbyterian youth, nurturing them to grow spiritually in their faith in Jesus Christ and love for each other.

2.     Conduct yourself in a manner that demonstrates high biblical standards as you teach youth through the example of your own life.

3.     Plan and lead weekly meetings based on school district calendar (e.g., Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks off). Meetings should last approximately 1.5 hours and include:

a.     Study/discussion of Bible passages and social issues relevant to our youth

b.     Some type of game or activity

c.     Sharing of “highs and lows” of the week or otherwise keeping in touch with each youth regarding their life circumstances

d.     Prayer (to open and close each meeting, at a minimum)

4.     Report to the Pastors and the Christian Education committee. Serve as a member of the committee, including attending monthly meetings.

5.     Supervise youth behavior, working toward a healthy, Christ-centered environment and encouraging positive language and behavior.

6.     Work with the youth to keep the youth room clean and tidy. Arrange for room cleaning/repair activities as necessary.

7.     Encourage and facilitate youth participation in other church activities, such as all-church work parties (in coordination with the Buildings and Grounds committee) and hands-on mission and outreach activities (in coordination with the Mission Interpretation committee).

8.     Participate in other activities with the youth as possible, such as:

a.     Trails (annual summer backpacking or camping trip)

b.     Christmas caroling

c.     Youth Sunday

d.     Social/fun days

9.     Develop ways to affirm and support the youth outside of the church context, such as attending school, sports, and music events in which they are involved.

10.  Promote and attend youth camps and conferences.

11.  Assume responsibility for financial accountability of youth-related money and expenses.

12.  Assume responsibility for proper use of permission slips for activities away from church property.

13.  Work effectively with parents to foster support of the youth program, including ongoing communication to provide opportunities for input and feedback.

14.  As possible, foster networking among other local youth groups.

15. Meet with Personnel Committee annually for review and as necessary.

Currently we require masks to be worn indoors in all our buildings and during worship services regardless of vaccination status. We also provide a livestream and recorded worship opportunity for those not comfortable meeting in person. Most of our meetings are now on Zoom. We have been trying to get a Zoom Youth Group together but can meet in person according to comfortability of youth and Leader.


Magnolia Presbyterian Church
7200 Magnolia Ave
RIVERSIDE, California 92504


Rev. Claire Schlegel


Riverside, CA 92506
Job type
Part Time
Pay rate
Ordained position
Exempt status
Not Exempt
Working with Adolescents
Church Ministry