Middle School Science Teacher (LACS Inner City Ministry – South LA) at Los Angeles Christian School (Inner City Ministry)
1620 W. Cordova Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007

DESCRIPTION: The Middle School Science Teacher will help facilitate the mission of the school to equip and empower students to be leaders in their communities by consistently and effectively performing the duties and responsibilities outlined in this job description.

ACCOUNTABILITY: The Middle School Science teacher will be accountable to the middle school administrator.

SCHEDULE: This is a full time position during the school year. The daily schedule is. 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. on school days.

COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS: The salary scale for teacher’s ranges from $32,100 - $45,677 depending on teaching experience. An additional $1,000 for a Masters Degree or a teaching credential. Medical, dental, vision, and
insurance benefits are provided with a 25% employee copayment. A matching retirement program is available.

1. Effectively teach the Science classes for 6th,7th, and 8th grades.
2. Know and follow the prescribed Science curriculum for 6th,7th and 8th grade.
3. Demonstrate appropriate short and long term instructional planning.
4. Utilize effective instructional strategies and methodologies to enhance student achievement.
5. Sets high expectations and appropriate standards for student achievement.
6. Utilize instructional strategies that reflect different learning modalities.
7. Utilize effective classroom management strategies to ensure a proper learning environment
8. Be available to teach other content area classes of elective classes as needed.
9. Develop and/or use appropriate evaluations to assess student achievement.
10. Keep accurate student achievement records.
11. Complete student progress reports and lead parent conferences.
12. Establish appropriate and positive interaction with students.
13. Communicate consistently with parents regarding student progress and behavior.
14. Establishes professional development goals and participates in professional development.
15. Be available to teach elective classes as needed.
16. Support school extracurricular activities.

1. Represent the Los Angeles Christian School in a Christ-like manner.
2. Adhere to the beliefs in the Affirmation of Faith.
3. Know and adhere to the policies and procedures in the LACS Employee Handbook.
4. Maintain professional standards in behaviors and attitudes.
5. Adhere to assigned hours and schedule.
6. Communicate honestly and effectively with leaders and staff.
7. Resolve conflict in an appropriate manner.


Los Angeles Christian School (Inner City Ministry)
1620 W. Cordova Street
Los Angeles, California 90007


Bob Drummond
[email protected]



1620 W. Cordova Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007
Job type
Full Time
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Ordained position
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Educational Services