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Pastor - Lopez Island Community Church

Lopez Island Community Church

Pastor Job Description

Full-Time Position


Job Overview

Lopez Island Community Church (LICC) is an independent, non-denominational church. The Pastor reports to the Elder Board and partners with them as the pastor serves the congregation.

Lopez Island Community Church is looking for an authentic, transparent person of integrity and a humble servant of God, not claiming God’s victories as their own, but with a deep mature faith, devoted to the Lord. The pastor must hold Scripture in the highest regard as the final authority and possess the gift of spiritual discernment, able to understand and respond to the needs of the congregation. The Pastor is caring with a compassionate nature that loves and values people of all ages. The pastor seeks God’s wisdom and discernment in regard to vision for this church in this community.

Of vital importance is to understand the working relationship of the pastor and the elders is a very strong team concept. Everyone “weighs in” and shares in decisions. The role of all the leaders is to lift up and shepherd the people to serve as God has gifted them and moves them by the Holy Spirit. The leaders work with the many volunteers who help with many aspects of the worship services and ministries of the church. The Pastor is viewed as the main leader of the church, but functions as part of the team. The pastor is the primary pastor/teacher of the Body.

The pastor should have strong leadership and mentoring skills to effectively disciple the members and equip them to disciple others. This will enable the congregation to develop and use their own spiritual gifts in greater service to the Lord. The pastor should also have gifts that allow him to perform outreach to the community. The hope is to draw in new members, especially the younger. The pastor needs to relate to and respond to the needs of the community as the Lord leads.

Good time management skills are required along with the ability to coordinate and manage the day-to-day operations of the church and work with volunteer staff.

A heart for missions is necessary which encourages the growth and support for missions at LICC which is a major focus of the church.

The ability and willingness to provide biblical counseling and discipline is necessary.

Preaching and Teaching

The Pastor must value the importance of the weekly sermon. Through prayer, preparation, and using gift of preaching, the pastor will convey theological truths. The pastor will teach how to use these truths in daily lives through biblically based sermons. The pastor seeks to discern God’s message for the congregation to equip the saints to love and live for the Lord, enabling them to apply God’s Word to their relationships. The Pastor is sensitive to the spiritual needs of the unsaved and shares the gospel as part of  messages as led by the Holy Spirit.

Oversight and Coordination

The Pastor works with and relates to the Elders, ministry team leaders, volunteers, and the congregation as a whole.

The pastor will meet weekly with the Elders on Sunday mornings before the service for current needs and prayer. the pastor will also attend the monthly Elder meetings addressing regular business and special needs.

The pastor and a designated Elder meet quarterly with the Ministry Team leaders to encourage and support their respective areas of ministry plus foster good communications among the Ministry Team leaders.

The Pastor will provide appropriate biblical personal counseling as requested by members and biblically based pre-marriage counseling to those requesting to be married by the Pastor.

The pastor provides support and comfort to church members in times of need e.g., weddings, funerals, and other observances and performs appropriate visitations.

Other services brought forward by the elders and mutually agreed upon by them and the church Pastor will be performed.

Fiduciary Responsibility

The Pastor and Elders have fiduciary responsibility in the operations of the church. Helping to set a proposed budget to be approved by the congregation and adhered to by the church leaders is part of that role.


The pastor holds regular office hours as agreed upon with the Elders and is available and responsive to the congregation on a timely basis.

The pastor in partnership with the elders will see that necessary administrative tasks such as, check and process mail and phone messages, oversee the use and maintenance of the building, and be available as prayer chain back up, are adequately attended to, normally by delegating them to others.

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Lopez Island Community Church
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Jim Ghinazzi

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Lopez Island, WA
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Full Time
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Church Ministry