Worship Leader at LifePoint Fellowship Church
Tyler, Texas

Position Title: Worship Leader

Reports to: Lead Pastor

We are looking for an individual who is a gifted vocalist and musician, able to lead the worship and media teams with effective communication, organization, and innovation. They would also lead the congregation in engaging and authentic worship.

General Summary of the Position

The worship leader works to create an environment of authentic and meaningful worship by thoughtfully considering song selection, transitions between songs, and collaborating with the lead pastor to create the overall flow of the service. They also lead and coordinate with the Media Director to create the service from an audio/visual perspective.
Beyond Sunday morning services, the worship leader is responsible for caring for the worship and media teams by cultivating a safe community where they are able to be their authentic selves and where they can grow their skills and talents.

The worship leader will need to lead with skill by being able to sing and play an instrument with proficiency and always looking to improve their own talents.

The worship leader will also need to lead with integrity and faithfulness by being trustworthy and reliable.

Education and Experience
Having experience leading congregations and teams is ideal. We are an environment of growth however, so you still may be a good fit even if you lack experience.

Reports to Lead Pastor
Paid sick time
Generous paid time off
20 hours per week
Who We Are at LifePoint:

To help maintain our unity, tone, and trajectory, we developed these statements as a church to stay on course. These 10 core values keep the vision of LifePoint Fellowship Church clear. They reflect our priority to help people find their way to God.

God - We point people to Jesus and His Word.
Faith - We believe in the power of prayer and humbly accept God’s answer for us.
Outreach - We will do anything short of sin to reach people who don’t know Christ.
Excellence - We give our best in all things.
Leadership - We hand off what we do and empower others to serve.
Humility - We fess up when we mess up.
Unity - We choose purpose over personal preference.
Service - We are spiritual contributors not consumers.
Attitude - We bring the weather.
Hope - We are all about the “capital C” Church!

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LifePoint Fellowship Church
13973 Hwy 64
Tyler, Texas 75704


Alex Velarde

[email protected]



Tyler, Texas
Job type
Part Time
Pay rate
Ordained position
Exempt status
Church Ministry