Next Steps Pastor/Director at LifeFamily Church
Austin, TX


REPORTS TO: Campus and Central Ministries Pastors


Next Steps are a critical part of fulfilling our purpose and mission at LifeFamily. The Next Steps Director will help move church attenders through systems and environments that encourage them to take their best next step in connecting and serving with others. The Next Steps Director will champion the spiritual development pathway of LifeFamily.

Position Description: The Ideal Candidate will be…

  • A Strategic Developer – The ideal candidate will be someone who sees the big picture clearly. They will have a deep understanding of the systems, pathways and programs it takes to help people progress on the spiritual development pathway.
  • A Chief Connector – This will be someone who is people-oriented and can quickly identify where someone is on their spiritual journey and connect them in the right environments and relationships to take their next steps on their transformation journey with Jesus.
  • A Ministry Sponge – The ideal candidate will be someone who has their pulse on what’s working in the church today. They will also have a tendency to think outside of the box and not be afraid to approach ministry in a way that will be sure to resonate with the world we live in.
  • A Futuristic Thinker  – Someone who has their pulse on what's next in the world of church ministry. They will have the ability to see outside of their own silo and speak in to the ministry of their campus and LifeFamily at large.
  • A Ministry Savant – The ideal candidate will be someone who has been doing it at a high level for a long time. They will have spent significant time leading in a context of similar size and scope. The value of experience and a natural God-given leadership gifting cannot be overstated for this role.
  • A Decisive Leader – The ideal candidate will be someone who makes decisions in a timely manner that reflects the vision values of LifeFamily. They will design clear courses of action and implement steps with measurable goals that move people from being consumers to contributors.
  • A Collaborative Team Player  – The ideal candidate will be someone who brings immense insight and value to the team at LifeFamily. Their heart will beat for collaboration and they can think beyond their ministry and campus in order to accomplish the goals of LifeFamily at large.
  • A Best Practices Expert – The ideal candidate will naturally listen to and learn from thought leaders and ministry innovators across the ministry world. They will be a lifelong learner who seeks to know, implement, and refine best practices on an ongoing basis.

The Next Steps Director’s Responsibilities Include:

  • Develop and maintain ongoing systems designed to provide direction for areas related to Life Track, Life Groups, Dream Teams, water baptism, and guest connection.
  • Work to define and refine the effectiveness and measurable outcomes of campus Life Groups. This includes maintaining proper Coach ratios, training, and outcomes, meeting LifeFamily standards for campus involvement in Life Groups.
  • Build and maintain a next steps events and calendar to synchronize with seasonal themes and community life rhythms.
  • Schedule, promote, staff, and lead people to attend Life Track.
  • Meet campus standards for people taking their next steps after Life Track to connect with a Life Group and serve on a Dream Team within defined amount of time.
  • Timely follow-up on decisions and ensuring people know what their next steps are: Life Track, water baptism, etc.
  • Meet with those interested in water baptism (or empower a team) and personally guide them completely through the baptism process, answering questions and evaluating readiness.
  • Schedule, promote sign-ups, and recruit volunteers for water baptism services. This includes ensuring that all necessary people, supplies, processes, and systems are clearly defined.
  • Oversight of guest connection area. This includes ensuring guest gifts are stocked, services are fully staffed, and team members have been adequately trained to engage guests.
  • Identify stories of life change from Life Track, Life Groups, or general church life and coordinate with the Communication Team to ensure those stories are filmed and/or shared on the appropriate platforms.
  • Develop and maintain safe, clean, and aesthetically pleasing ministry environments.
  • Ensure that administrative tasks such as entering/updating guest and member info into the church database (CCB) is consistent, timely, and frequent.
  • Collaborate with the Central Ministries Team (especially other Next Steps Directors) to discover and implement the best methods for helping people connect at LifeFamily.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Ability to display visionary and strategic leadership in executing ministry responsibilities, including understanding how and when certain tasks should be delegated to others.
  • Exceptional degree of discernment, judgment, critical thinking, problem-solving, and the ability to maintain the highest degree of confidentiality.
  • Desire to be part of team in order to implement LifeFamily goals, strategy, and systems.
  • Must demonstrate the ability to disciple others, develop and manage teams, and wisely navigate challenging issues.
  • Ability to effectively handle multiple projects.
  • Ability to be self-sufficient, independent, and resourceful.
  • Must have authentic personal humility, coupled with confidence in calling and abilities.
  • Must demonstrate excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Must be adaptable to change with short notice.
  • Able to prioritize relationships without neglecting processes and systems.
  • Skilled in recruiting, training, developing, and leading volunteer teams.


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Austin, TX
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