Senior Pastor at Life in Deep Ellum
Dallas, TX 75226

Life in Deep Ellum (LIDE), an authentic and vibrant faith community in Urban Dallas, is seeking a thoughtful, and talented leader to serve as their next lead Pastor. Deep Ellum is one of Dallas’ oldest neighborhoods. Its historically diverse and creative environment has fostered the development of a unique faith community in LIDE. In its current inception since around 2009, LIDE has attracted people that resonate on a deep level with its unique approach to Christian community as expressed in its mantra: “nobody fits, everybody belongs." LIDE sees itself as much more than a church (we rarely use that term). It is a multimodal environment that encompasses a cultural center, coffee shop, art gallery, office space, and events venue, with a faith community at its center. We are eagerly looking to the future and excited to move forward as we emerge from a challenging season, including the repercussions of a global pandemic and the resignation of our former pastors. In an ever-evolving ministry context and world, we are eager to continue fulfilling our mission as a genuine community firmly entrenched in the continuing, dynamic and vibrant life of Deep Ellum.

Do you want to be a part of this future? Does providing vision and leadership in this new and important season of LIDE’s story sound exciting? Then read on....


The Senior Pastor will provide leadership for the entire LIDE organization, including the faith community, programs/ministries, and cultural center. This individual will cast the vision and direction for LIDE in close collaboration with the Executive Director/Pastor and the staff, in order to accomplish our organizational mission (see Leadership Structure section below). We are looking for a person who is dynamic, relational, city-centric, and demonstrates excellent abilities to preach, teach, and engage with diverse audiences in an urban environment. LIDE will accept applications across the spectrum of Christian traditions for this position. LIDE is a creedal community (i.e. Apostle’s Creed), but its members and neighbors express a broad range of theological beliefs and backgrounds, so particular knowledge and experience of post-Christian, non-Christian, non-traditional, and emergent church perspectives is vital.

If you find yourselves on the margins, or outside of the majority, whether it be in terms of appearance, preferences, politics, theology, or geography, we believe that LIDE is a
place where you will feel heard and truly belong. Diversity is celebrated here, and while we know we have room to grow, we celebrate the diversity that exists in our faith community and in our neighborhood of Deep Ellum.


  • Master’s level seminary training preferred.
  • Experience working in and with diverse theological frameworks; ability to mediate diverse theological perspectives towards the development of LIDE's community life.
  • Experience developing sermon series and preaching; ability to articulate the Christian faith in a way that is engaging to students, families, and adults alike, demonstrating teaching style that is creative, relevant, and inspiring; ability to weave together Christian Scripture, tradition, and popular culture in their sermons and other teaching opportunities.
  • Intentionality and experience developing diverse faith communities and creating structures and practices that support a commitment to the diversity of urban landscapes like Dallas.
  • Experience working in an urban organizational context (highly preferred). At least 7 years’ experience working in a church, parachurch ministry, or non-profit.
  • Must be dynamic and assertive, able to cast vision and coach diverse teams, and demonstrate significant organizational and supervisory skills. Team management, communication, and facilitation skills, including strong conflict resolution skills, are essential. Project management skills and experience with complex, multi-component programs, organizations, or initiatives, including a track record of change management.
  • Experience working within a budget and stewarding financial and organizational resources.
  • Openness to accountability and willingness to respond proactively to feedback and constructive criticism.


  • Vision Casting:
    • Present an overall vision for LIDE as an organization, considering how LIDE lives out and displays its values both internally within the faith community, and among the larger Deep Ellum/Urban Dallas community. This leadership and vision must dialogue with voices from within the community and its leadership in concrete ways.
    • Present a vision for the Gathering (Sunday service).
  • Pastoral Leadership:
    • Develop sermon series and a preaching calendar for The Gathering, ensuring that teaching is unified and in alignment with the Apostle’s Creed and LIDE’s core values. Preach in The Gathering and other teaching opportunities in a way that takes advantage of the collaborative preaching ethos of the congregation and responds to the feedback and insights of the community's leadership.
    • Broaden pastoral care beyond the pulpit, including visiting members and potential partners of our community, be they individuals or organizations.
    • Baptisms, weddings, funerals, etc.
  • Staff Leadership:
    • Support the staff as they work together to implement the vision and mission of LIDE. Support each staff member as they lead in their respective areas, implement their area goals, and develop a portfolio of activities that meet the needs of their areas.
    • Develop an understanding of each staff member’s strengths and opportunities for growth, and communicate with staff and with the board of LIDE to assure continued professional development for themselves and for the LIDE staff.
    • Attend weekly staff meetings.
  • Faith Community Leadership:
    • Ensure that the operations of the faith community and cultural center reflect LIDE’s core values.
    • Meet periodically with key leaders in the faith community, including small group leaders, ministry team leads, and volunteers. The goal of these meetings is to not only ensure clear communication with community leadership, but to also continually embody the pastoral stance of deep listening characteristic of senior leadership.
    • Attend bi-weekly or monthly board meetings. In these meetings, the senior pastor will provide a monthly report for the Board of Directors that identifies any issues that need to be addressed in the life of the congregation, as well as key strengths and opportunities for growth within the organization.
  • Community Involvement:
    • Become integrated into the broader organizational and cultural life of the Deep Ellum neighborhood. This may mean connecting with local business owners, community organizations, landowners, and other Deep Ellum stakeholders. LIDE is an integral part of the Deep Ellum community, and its leader should be a present and essential part of the life of the neighborhood (not in an evangelistic way, but in an authentic and invested way. Deep Ellum is our home, and we are here to stay).


  • The Senior Pastor will be expected to become deeply involved in the LIDE community and a Covenant Partner.
  • The Senior Pastor will be accountable to and communicate transparently with the community's BOD.
  • The Senior Pastor will be willing to relocate to Urban Dallas.
  • The Senior pastor will be able to understand and empathize with people who don’t share their religious beliefs and/or theological framework.


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Dallas, TX 75226
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