Lead Pastor at Third Reformed Church
Holland, MI 49423

Third Reformed Church in Holland, MI, is seeking a new lead pastor.  If you think you might be interested, please take a look at our search website, https://makechristknown.online/.

We're working toward having a seamless transition as Kent Fry, our current lead pastor, retires this summer and desire to have someone in place that could overlap with Kent.   Our current associate intends to retire at the same time so a new lead pastor would some input in who becomes the associate.  We are open to considering a couple who might, or might not, fill both positions.

Third has a long history (150+ years), a beautiful "carpenter's gothic" sanctuary, and is known as an intelligent congregation having many members associated with Hope College and Western Theological Seminary. We are Reformed. We value liturgy, classic hymnody, and lectionary preaching. Our pastors wear robes.

We are a medium-sized church (300+ members) and there are several people on staff, both ordained and non-ordained. There is a church administrator who handles day to day operations. Because of that, we do not need a pastoral leader who is an administrative whiz. We do, however, highly value someone whose leadership style is collaborative. We're not interested in a "genius with a thousand helpers" or anyone that has a strong authoritarian streak.

Third is an interesting mix theologically and socially. I would go so far as to use the unfashionable word "evangelical" to describe our theology, but I do not mean that politically in any way. I mean evangelical theologically, holding to things like a high view of scripture and belief in the atoning death of Jesus as the key to salvation. We participate in several social justice-oriented ministries, but also strongly support global missions. We're not an "either/or" sort of church. We value being in the middle more than leaning strongly to one side or the other in our current polarized climate.

The lead pastor is the primary preacher and works with the other ministers and music director in planning worship. The lead pastor supervises the other ministers and music director, but the church administrator supervises operational staff. The lead pastor serves as president of the consistory.

Third has taken significant steps over the last few years to begin a Hispanic outreach and has created a position to lead that ministry shared by Pastors Angel and Jannelle Lopez-Koolhaas. We don't require our next lead pastor to be Hispanic or speak Spanish, but we do want our next lead pastor to have a heart for all people in the neighborhood in which we are located and to be a supporter and advocate for this ministry.

Holland is a great place to live and a summer vacation destination for many. However, there is a certain hardiness required in the winter months. The church has a beautiful and very large manse next door, but the lead pastor is not required to live there.



Third Reformed Church
111 West 13th Street
Holland, Michigan 49423


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Holland, MI 49423
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