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Fellowship Dubai begins search for a new Lead Pastor
Our founding and lead pastor Jim Burgess will be returning home to the United States in 2022 after shepherding Fellowship Dubai for 12 years, since 2009. The search has begun for our next lead pastor with the goal of commencing by early 2022. Overseeing this search is a committee carefully assembled with lay men and women from our community and led by our chair of elders, Andrew Doust. The scope of consideration will include both internal and external candidates. Please feel welcome to contact search@fellowshipdubai.com for any furthers details regarding this next season for Fellowship Dubai.
Dubai – our context
Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, is a global city like no other. With over 80%, it has the largest expat population of any city in the world. More than 3 million people from 180 countries.
Dubai’s transient expat population and geographic location means it is uniquely situated as a base from which to make disciples from every nation and to impact the world.
Fellowship Church in Dubai, which was established in 2005, is a quickly growing multisite church with over 80 nationalities. It is unique in that almost everyone who comes, will leave within 5 or 10 years as they return to their home country.
We value reaching those who don’t know Jesus and equipping believers in Jesus to multiply disciples. We have a limited window in which to prepare them as disciples making disciples ready to serve in Dubai and beyond.
Who are we looking for?
1. Big Vision
He will be a visionary leader who is able to collaboratively create the vision for Fellowship which needs to be a ‘We’ vision not a ‘Me’ vision. He will be an influencer rather than a controller. He then needs to be able to drive the vision for the whole church. That vision needs to originate from his understanding and application of the Bible and be expressed through the ‘pulpit’ (not just in sermons but in any upfront profile he has).
His vision needs to be bigger than just Dubai – it needs to be global as well as local.
He needs to be strategically advanced and forward-thinking, driven not by domestic politics but by Kingdom-
2. Heart for the Unreached
He will have a track record of leading people to Christ over many years. He will be able to encourage and enthuse evangelism in others and throughout the whole church. His preaching will regularly include appeals to both the unreached and the saved, and he will have a heart for the whole region and for the peoples of the world.
3. Leadership Qualities
He will meet the conditions of eldership as described in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9.
He will be a leader who determines and leads the church culture, by working collaboratively with his team.
He will be a leader who owns and practices multiplication, and is driven by Ephesians 4:11-16 in his
understanding of church and the relationships within church.
He multiplies leaders and he multiplies thoughts.
He will be able to delegate well, giving authority and responsibility to those under him, while not neglecting to care for those to whom he has delegated. He will develop a high level of trust among his staff and leaders, within a culture of high expectations.
He will have a proven track record of raising up full time Christian workers, of raising up and empowering lay leadership, and of developing a culture of lay involvement. He will have the ability to create, develop and oversee teams.
4. Preacher
He will be Seminary educated with at least one working original Biblical language, and will use NT Greek regularly when preparing talks and sermons.
He will be an exquisite exegete, a very good communicator, and a very able applier of the text.
He has a preference for expository preaching.
He will be able to develop other good communicators.
He will have cross-cultural communication training and experience.
As a preacher he will have a pastoral heart to those to whom he is addressing.
5. Theology
In regards to the Bible he will hold to an historical grammatical literal hermeneutic.
He will hold not just to the Atonement, but to a well thought through view of Substitutionary Atonement.
He will hold to God’s grace preceding human response in relation to salvation.
His views of the Holy Spirit will not be cessationist, nor hypercharismatic.
He will actively promote the ministry of women within a complementarian biblical framework.
He will be personally theologically settled but gracious when dealing with theological differences, and will understand where differences matter.
6. Culture
He will be have high relational and cultural awareness when working with the church and individual people, a good understanding of the international church, what it means to live in an international city and in this region.
He will be inquisitive not nervous towards people from other cultures and will have real friends who are ‘others’, as well as a history of appointing ‘others’ to his team and working closely with ‘others’.
7. Other Skills
He will be able to engage with various levels of Government. He will have the ability to relate to
government officials and understand the importance of maintaining harmonious relationships with them.
He will be able to work with and encourage leaders of other churches in the region to grow their ministries.
8. Character
In addition to expectations about his character above we would like to highlight the following:
He will be a humble person who recognizes the importance of being a "man under authority" - to his fellow pastors (as brothers) and to the board of elders who are in mutual submission to each other. (1 Peter 5:1-5)
He will be Christlike in his relationships with all those he meets and especially those he serves - friendly, approachable, caring, patient, and loving. (Gal. 5:23)
He will be a man who models the commands of Scripture regarding his wife, his children, his friends, and those with whom he disagrees. (Eph. 4:1-3)
He will have a good sense of humour and will not be afraid to laugh at himself. Without this he will not survive Fellowship or living in Dubai. (Prov. 15:15)


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