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Zoar UCC (Evangelical) Evansville, IN – Pastor


The Big Picture

Zoar United Church of Christ is a healthy church of 80 in Evansville, IN, seeking a full-time Pastor who is committed to preaching the Bible, shepherding the churchand reaching the community for Christ and His Kingdom.


The Church

Though Zoar is a small church, we are a mighty church. We have dedicated members who see to the everyday happenings at Zoar. Our church is set on a beautiful piece of land, tucked away on Evansville’s Westside. We have a large space that includes a shelter house for outdoor activities and a woodland chapel for outdoor services. We have members of our congregation that help us to keep our grounds beautiful. These same people are the people you will see throughout the week reaching out to members of our congregation who are home bound and working on reaching out to our community. On Sunday mornings you will see our congregation of all ages actively participating in Sunday School and Worship. On a typical Sunday morning you will hear the sounds of our praise band and choir, you will see members of our church studying together, you will see the children having fun together while learning how to serve God and others, and you will see a church full of loving and dedicated children of God. This is only a small portion of the wonderful things that Zoar has to offer.


The Candidate

Zoar members value the style and content of preaching to be Biblically based and engaging. We desire the content to be relevant to our daily lives. We would also like the pastor delivering the message to live what they preach and challenge us to do the same. The pastor will also provide pastoral care to the whole congregation including to the ill and shut in.  In addition, the pastor will assist the congregation in identifying priorities and goals.


The Qualifications

The pastor must be an evangelical and meet the qualifications in I Timothy and Titus. The candidate must have experience in line with the duties of becoming a Pastor.  We are looking for one who has emotional and relational intelligence, who can relate to those in the church as well as those outside the church. We are eager to grow in the Word of God and praying for the next pastor God would have for us.


The Process

Along with your resume please answer these three questions:


Why do you believe that you might be a good fit for Zoar?


Describe your experiences in ministry and how you may be qualified to serve as the Pastor at Zoar?


In just a few sentences please give a summary of your theology from the Bible. Describe how your evangelical beliefs will serve Zoar?


Please send your resume and the answers to these questions to



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Jason Lancaster


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