Pastor of Family Ministries at Lake Sarah Baptist Church
Slayton, MN

Title: Pastor of Family Ministries
Reports to:                     Senior Pastor


Direct Reports from:      Children’s Ministry       Women’s Ministry

Youth Ministry              Men’s Ministry

Small Groups                Seniors Ministry


Lake Sarah Baptist Church

Lake Sarah Baptist Church is a growing multi-generational Baptist Church (affiliated with Converge Worldwide).  We have a newer (11-year-old) facility that is at the hub of a demographic that stretches about 20 miles in radius, with a congregation that is from nine different communities, three school districts, and three counties. And even during the Covid-19 pandemic we are seeing growth and new families.

When we built our facility, it was to better engage and serve both our congregation and the residents of the region.  About a year ago we hired a new pastor to help lead and equip us to serve both.  We are now looking for the right person to compliment his skill set to further grow and pursue our church’s mission to “Lead all generations into a transforming relationship with Jesus.”

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Heart of the Pastor

The Pastor of Family Ministries for Lake Sarah Baptist must demonstrate:

Adoration for God and His Word.

A love for people.

A passion for disciple development.

An appreciation for rural life.


Summary of Position
The Pastor of Family Ministries is an advocate for all stages of life and will oversee the structures of the church in cooperation with the Pastor, to ensure that the family of God at Lake Sarah Baptist is growing through disciple development across all generations.


They should know how to strike a balance between the courage that is necessary for changing ministry and changing culture, and a love that understands and listens to the hearts of people. They should also have a vibrant personal faith that is contagious to others.

Areas of responsibility
The Pastor of Family Ministries will oversee the discipleship systems from birth thru senior adults.  The Pastor will recruit, train, and work closely with ministry and discipleship leaders to ensure that structures, curriculum, and systems are in place to help facilitate transformation at every stage of life, in cooperation with the Holy Spirit


Church-Based Ministries

A. General Expectations
• Oversee relational, engaging ministries to children, youth, and adults.
• Ensure that the curriculum used at each level of spiritual development connects to the next (children, youth, and adult life stages).
• Develop and expound a vision that leads to a focus on teaching Bible knowledge and application that is visible in a vibrant personal Christian walk of life both in the congregation and community.

B. Recruit and Develop
•Recruit and train individuals who could serve both on site and off for various ministries (Sunday School, Small groups, Wednesday Evening programing, Youth ministry, Camp services, Outreach events, etc.…)

•Work with the Pastor to develop key leadership who will in turn be able to train others (2 Timothy 2:2)

C. Intergenerational Connections
• Work with the senior pastor and other ministry teams to ensure that there are opportunities for all generations to worship, learn and serve together.

• Encourage celebration through intergenerational gatherings and connections to help all generations recognize and appreciate how God is working in the whole family of God.
• Minister to and disciple senior adults as they enter the latter stage of life, equipping them and encouraging them in their role as examples and mentors for the younger adults and children.

D.   Other Responsibilities
• The Pastor may, as needed, step into ministry roles that are temporarily vacant.

• The Pastor will preach on occasion




LSBC is ONLY considering candidates that enter the P3Next process. You may register for our process by going to

Deadline for application is March 20, 2021


Lake Sarah Baptist Church
1613 191st Street
Slayton, Minnesota 56172-1935


Kory Tedrick


Slayton, MN
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