Worship Director at Knox Presbyterian Church
Pasadena, CA


To provide leadership in crafting and leading our Sunday 10:00 a.m. worship service and quarterly special events, with a particular emphasis on music.


To the senior pastor, and to the session through the human resources committee.


Lead congregational singing with guitar accompaniment, and direct other music and liturgical elements for worship on a weekly basis for the Sunday morning service.

Coordinate, organize, recruit, rehearse, and direct the Knox band for Sunday services.

Select contemporary and traditional music to be used in Sunday worship in collaboration with the pastor, pianist/organist, volunteer musicians, and guest paid musicians.

Provide spiritual leadership for worship in a way that engages the head and the heart, is relevant to the community, and invites congregants into a deeper relationship with the triune God.

Involve youth and children in congregational music leadership as able and appropriate.

Provide and lead songs for quarterly special events, such as Advent workshop, Barbecue and Bluegrass Event, Maundy Thursday service, and the Spring Arts Festival.

Meet weekly with the senior pastor, either in person or remotely, to plan the worship service.

Meet quarterly with the senior pastor, organist/pianist, volunteer choir director, and relevant persons for long range planning.

Attend weekly staff meetings either in person or remotely.

Attend monthly worship committee meetings either in person or remotely, and partner with committee members in planning additional artistic elements for worship services, such as visual art displays, dramas for worship, etc.

Supervise the pianist/organist, sound engineer, and live stream production manager, and arrange for a substitute when needed.

Arrange for paid guest musicians and substitute worship leaders when and as appropriate.

Supervise the volunteer choir director, and direct and/or assist with choir when and if appropriate in coordination with the volunteer choir director.

Supervise the worship slide projection volunteers, and recruit/organize volunteers as needed.

Prepare the microphones, music stands, and monitors for the band on the sanctuary chancel prior to Sunday mornings (if the set-up needs to be rearranged).

Provide lyrics for administrative staff to put in slide presentations and bulletin.

Proof the slide presentations and bulletins to ensure they are accurate, effective, and visually appealing.

Facilitate/coordinate live concerts, open mike nights, or other special musical events if and as appropriate.

Other responsibilities as determined by the head of staff and session.


Performance reviews will be conducted annually by the senior pastor, and will include input from Knox’s elder for worship. Session’s human resources committee will review annually the adequacy of compensation.


Knox Presbyterian Church
225 South Hill Avenue
Pasadena, California 91106


Matthew Colwell
626 449-2144
[email protected]



Pasadena, CA
Job type
Part Time
Pay rate
Ordained position
Exempt status
Church Ministry