Lead Pastor at Kent Covenant Church
12010 SE 240th Street Kent, WA 98031

The Lead Pastor shall be the leader of the Kent Covenant Church to whom the congregation, Leadership Team, ministry teams and staff members look for leadership, guidance, and vision. S/he shall embody or catalyze the following roles: preacher and teacher, outreach champion, spiritual leader, staff supervisor, lead vision-caster, congregational shepherd, connections energizer and lead organizational officer.

Responsibilities The Lead Pastor shall seek to undertake his/her calling and duties in the power of the Holy Spirit, undergirded with prayer, guided by the Scriptures, and manifesting the character of Christ for the glory of God and the benefit of neighbor.

Preacher and Teacher: Is the primary pulpit voice, faithfully and compellingly proclaiming the Word of God as revealed in both the Old and New Testaments.

Outreach Champion: Lead KentCov in its community witness through ministries of evangelism, compassion and justice. Reach out to the lost in the Kent community and lead them to a relationship with Jesus Christ. Nurture KentCov’s continuing global mission.

Spiritual Leader: Lead with authenticity in accord with the Covenant Affirmations, the Constitution and Bylaws of KentCov, federal, state, and local laws, and commonly recognized best practices among churches. Oversee the presentation of the sacraments—baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Teach the congregation about the meaning and importance of the sacraments in sustaining the life of faith and hope. Lead KentCov in personal and corporate ministries of prayer for the Church, its people, and the Church’s mission and impact. Live life in harmony with the Word of God, striving in word and deed to be a worthy example in Christian living. Train and equip church members for effectiveness in their areas of ministry and service.

Staff Supervisor: Supervise the pastoral, ministry, and administrative staffs in carrying out their job descriptions within the guidance, direction, and purposes established by the Lead Pastor and the Leadership Team. Communicate clearly, appropriately, effectively and timely with all staff. Responsible for team building, unity, and the cooperation of the pastoral and ministry staff, and Leadership Team. Encourage and support staff members so that they can fulfill their assigned duties. Assist staff members in resolving adverse issues that arise. Delegate to those gifted, equipped and ready to carry increased responsibilities. Provide to the Leadership Team evaluation/progress reports regarding the performance of the members of the pastoral, ministry, and administrative staff. Make annual assessments, in participation with the Leadership Team, regarding the compensation of the staff and other employment related issues.

Vision-Caster: Take the initiative in casting and communicating vision for the church’s mission and priorities, and involve other church leaders in visioning processes. Periodically initiate the process for developing or renewing the KentCov’s strategic plan. Review the staffing structure of the Church to ensure maximum effectiveness and faithfulness in fulfilling the mission and strategic plan.

Congregational Shepherd: Develop personal relationships with persons in the congregation. Provide spiritual guidance and pastoral care to Church members and attendees in times of need, and oversee the pastoral care ministries of the church. As an ex-officio member, guide the ministry teams, committees, and Leadership Team in carrying out their responsibilities. Be vigilant, honestly communicating to the Leadership Team regarding issues that represent a concern or threat to the continued effectiveness and/or vitality of the church.

Connections Energizer: Oversee and influence first impressions. Ensure that small group ministry leaders are properly trained and encourage participation of church members in small groups outside of Sunday worship. Develop, execute and oversee KentCov’s membership strategy. Facilitate connections on volunteer teams; leadership and ministry teams. Oversee communications and marketing.

Organizational Officer: Oversee weekly worship services and other special worship. Oversee the various ministries of the church so they work in harmony with each other and contribute to the vision and mission of the church. Continually assess staffing, ministry teams, physical assets, etc., for mission effectiveness. Interested? Contact Joe McPherson by email at pst@kentcov.org.

Applicants within the Evangelical Covenant Church should use the CovConnect portal to apply. Outside the Evangelical Covenant Church? Send your resume and a letter of interest to the email address above. You will be asked to complete an additional document to gauge your compatibility with the beliefs of the Evangelical Covenant Church.


Kent Covenant Church
12010 SE 240th Street
Kent, Washington 98031


Joe McPherson



12010 SE 240th Street Kent, WA 98031
Job type
Full Time
45-50 Hours/Week
Pay rate
Commensurate with experience
Ordained position
Exempt status
Coaching Individuals
Decision Making
Church Ministry