Chaplain Intern at Kaiser Permanente Sacramento
Sacramento CA

CPE Internship

Kaiser Permanente offers Clinical Pastoral Education Interns the opportunity to work and learn with a diverse population of patients, family members and staff. Chaplain Interns benefit from the opportunity to work and grow in the hospital setting alongside students from a variety of other disciplines, such as medicine, nursing and social work. Our interdisciplinary approach gives students the opportunity to learn from a variety of perspectives, while they develop their professional identity and expertise as spiritual caregivers.

An Introduction to CPE
Clinical Pastoral Education is an interfaith, professional education program, which brings people into a supervised setting where they encounter people in need of care. Through extensive and intensive engagement with people in crisis, and reflection with peers and teachers, chaplain interns develop awareness of how their personhood influences the care they provide. Chaplain interns develop relational skills of spiritual assessment and the appropriate interventions that help them address the hopes, needs and resources of people in their care.

Through reflection on particular human situations and relationships, interns deepen their competency as spiritual caregivers. CPE is an educational process that is experientially based and embraces an “action-reflection-action” methodology through which the interns engage in spiritual caregiving then critically reflect on that work with their CPE Certified Supervisor, peers, staff chaplains and other members of the interdisciplinary team.

Each “unit” of CPE is comprised of 100 hours of supervised learning, which includes required readings, written reflections, case studies presented to the cohort and didactic presentations. Each unit includes an additional 300 hours of spiritual care practice in the clinical setting. A full unit of CPE will include at least 400 hours of training and experiential education combined.

Essential Elements of CPE
• Spiritual Care with people in crisis
• Experiential Learning through the process of action-reflection-action
• Learning goals based on the student’s learning needs
• Study and practice of Group Relations
• Peer relationships in a cohort
• Individual and group supervision

Matt Real, D.Min, CPSP Diplomate Supervisor


Program Location
Kaiser Sacramento

2025 Morse Avenue

Sacramento, CA 95826

CPE Prepares You for Many Paths in Ministry
CPE is often a required component of one's preparation for ministry in many denominations and faith groups. Many students take one unit of CPE to fulfill this requirement and go on to be parish pastors, rabbis, missionaries or a member of a religious order. Many others take at least four units of CPE as part of their training to become a board certified chaplain. Some students complete several units of CPE and enroll in Supervisory CPE to work toward certification as a CPE Educator.

Clinical Pastoral Education in Practice
CPE units may be completed within the framework of a Full-time course of 13 weeks or an extended (part-time) course of 26 weeks. Both schedules will include the required number of 100 hours of supervised hours and 300 hours of spiritual care practice in the clinical setting.  Extended unit students will have on weekly cohort meeting of 4 hours, 1 hour of individual supervision, and 15 hours of clinical work per week.  Full unit participants will have 8 hours of cohort time, 1 hour of individual supervision, and 31 hours of clinical work per week.

Admission to CPE
See attached application and email responses (use as many pages as necessary) to

Current Units and Tuition

New Units begin Jan 3rd 2022, April 4th 2022, July 11th 2022 and October 6th 2022

Kaiser Sacramento's CPE program is accredited with the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy


Kaiser Permanente Sacramento
2025 Morse Avenue
Sacramento, California 95825


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Sacramento CA
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