Social Media Content Coordinator at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Alumni Social Media Coordinator and Writer

Supervised by:   Alumni Communications Director

Status:                 Full-Time or Part-Time

Location:            Remote


To advance the purpose of InterVarsity, this position will create and schedule strategic messaging for InterVarsity’s Alumni social media channels as well as write and proofread a variety of communications pieces that vividly convey the strategic nature of InterVarsity’s ministry to students and faculty, for external and internal audiences.



·       Be a maturing disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ: growing in love for God, God's Word, God's people of every ethnicity and culture, and God's purposes in the world

·       Maintaining spiritual disciplines for personal and ministry growth

·       Modeling wisdom and maturing in the balance of family, church, and ministry


Manage InterVarsity’s Alumni social media channels:

·       Generate, edit, publish, and share content (original text, images, videos, etc.) on InterVarsity’s Alumni social platforms that build meaningful connections, in collaboration with other team members

·       Maintain a schedule for all of InterVarsity’s Alumni social media accounts

·       Implement social media strategies as assigned to advance objectives of the Alumni department

·       Moderate user-generated content in line with InterVarsity’s moderation policies

·       Collaborate with other InterVarsity departments to promote events and activities

·       Ensure coordination of social posts and other communication


Contribute to the effectiveness of InterVarsity’s Alumni initiatives:

·       Write compelling, creative, emotionally engaging content for all of InterVarsity’s constituents

·       Write content for a variety of channels: websites, social media, email newsletters, and Alumni donor communication

·       Write resources that serve InterVarsity’s mission on campus

·       Write thank you letters to donors

·       Update websites as assigned

·       Conduct interviews with staff, students, and alumni as needed for articles and reports

·       Research websites, print publications, video, and audio resources for article ideas

·       Perform research to support one’s own work and others’ as needed


Maintain professional growth and involvement:

·       Stay informed about the culture of college campuses and the chapter activities of InterVarsity

·       Attend and serve onsite at InterVarsity conferences and conventions

·       Maintain professional growth through continuing education


Maintain sound financial status:

·       Raise agreed upon amount of salary and benefits

·       Develop and maintain a small group of people who covenant to support your ministry with prayer

·       Communicate regularly with donors and prayer support group



·       Annually affirm InterVarsity’s Statement of Agreement

·       Bachelor’s degree in Journalism (preferably with an emphasis in public relations writing), Mass Communications, English, or Writing

·       Previous professional writing, social media, and proofreading experience

·       Experience strategically using social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) to meet objectives

·       Previous experience with InterVarsity as a student or a staff member preferred

·       Familiarity with Microsoft software applications (Word, Access, Excel, and PowerPoint)

·       Familiarity with Chicago Manual of Style and AP Stylebook

·       Ability to work both independently and cooperatively within a diverse group

·       Ability to balance multiple priorities, meet deadlines, and produce quality communications in a fast-paced environment

·       Understanding of how to identify, source, and tell a good story

·       Ability to connect with people/audiences through social media and stay current on social media trends and changes

·       Raise agreed upon amount of salary and benefits


InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
635 Science Drive
Madison, Wisconsin 53711


Ashley Albi
[email protected]


Job type
Part Time
Pay rate
$17.63 - $23.51 / hour
Ordained position
Exempt status
Being Artistic/Creative
Business Storytelling
Creative Thinking
Meeting Deadlines