Alumni Communications Director at InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Alumni Communications Director

Supervised by:             Associate Director of Alumni Engagement

Status:                               Exempt

Location:                           Remote

To advance the purpose of InterVarsity, this position will serve on the Alumni Engagement Team to develop a communication strategy to guide and project manage the work of the Alumni Communications Team as they create media assets to serve InterVarsity alumni.



·       Be a maturing disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ: growing in love for God, God's Word, God's people of every ethnicity and culture, and God's purposes in the world

·       Maintaining spiritual disciplines for personal and ministry growth

·       Modeling wisdom and maturing in the balance of family, church, and ministry


Lead Alumni communications team:

·       Define the vision and values of communication with Alumni

·       Lead in the design and evaluation of all types of Alumni communication

·       Ensure design and production products communicate in ways that are clear, relevant, and compelling

·       Oversee social media engagement with Alumni

·       Oversee the development and production of the After IV Podcast

·       Collaborate with the Alumni Communications Team to create and execute best promotion strategies

·       Monitor audience growth and develop new ways to increasing alumni reach and retention

·       Work collaboratively with other InterVarsity teams to develop a wholistic engagement strategy for alumni

·       Contribute to the decision-making process that chooses Alumni communication projects

·       Partner with the Alumni Leadership Team to execute communications goals

·       Work on special tasks related to alumni engagement as assigned by supervisor

·       Provide coaching and supervision to staff

·       Lead staff in regular times of study, worship, and prayer


Maintain professional growth and involvement:

·       Stay informed about the changing needs of alumni throughout different stages of life.

·       Attend and serve onsite at InterVarsity conferences and conventions as needed

·       Maintain professional growth through continuing education


Maintain sound financial status:

·       Raise agreed upon amount of salary and benefits

·       Develop and maintain a small group of people who covenant to support your ministry with prayer

·       Review financial reports for accuracy and ensuring that spending is within budget

·       Represent InterVarsity within the wider Christian community



·       Annually affirm InterVarsity’s Statement of Agreement

·       Bachelor’s degree in Communications preferred

·       InterVarsity campus experience preferred

·       Experience with InterVarsity Alumni engagement preferred

·       Knowledge of current Microsoft software applications (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) is required

·       Experience and knowledge of design programs

·      Demonstrated leadership skills in coaching and communicating

·      Demonstrated experience of effective team supervision

·       Ability to partner and work well in a diverse team environment which includes cross cultural, generational, gender, ethnic, geographical, and economic situations

·       Ability to prioritize and multi-task well

·       Ability to develop a ministry support team who will pray, support, and give financially

·       Willing to travel as needed


InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
635 Science Drive
Madison, Wisconsin 53711


Ashley Albi
[email protected]


Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
$57,696 - $76,944 Salary
Ordained position
Exempt status
Decision Making
Preparing Written Documents