Lead Pastor at Indian Hills Community Church
Lincoln, NE

Indian Hills Community Church (Lincoln, NE) – Senior Pastor

The Big Picture
Indian Hills Community Church (ihcc.org) is seeking a Senior Pastor who will lead the ministry, provide leadership in maintaining the doctrines of the church and preach the Word of God.

The Church
Indian Hills Community Church (600 pre-Covid) is a non-denominational, Bible-teaching church in Lincoln, Nebraska, which began as a Bible study in 1959. Instruction from God’s Word is the heart of Indian Hills Community Church. Every program, class and activity throughout the week is designed to reach the lost and encourage spiritual growth through the teaching of the Word. Our worship services consist of a half hour of praise and worship music and an hour of teaching from the Scriptures.
In addition to what is stated in our Statement of Faith, we hold the following theological positions:
Soteriology  · Four-Point Calvinist · We believe that limited atonement is not a biblical doctrine · Lordship · We believe that when a person is truly justified, they become a new creation, and this is evidenced by spiritual fruitfulness.
Eschatology ·  Futurist ·  Dispensational
·  We believe that the church and Israel are distinct
·  We believe there will be a literal earthly kingdom for Israel
·  We believe in a pretribulational rapture
·  We believe in grammatical-historical interpretation of all biblical
passages including prophetic passages
Church Government · We believe the form of church government that best aligns with Scripture is a plurality of elders

The Candidate
The Senior Pastor shall:
-Act as the President of the Corporation and Chairman of the Board of Elders.
-Preach the Bible at all services scheduled for that purpose by the Board of Elders except for leaves for vacation, illness, emergencies, and other reasons approved by the Board of Elders.
-Lead in the development of a philosophy of ministry based on Ephesians 4.
-Lead in implementing programs and procedures to carry out the teaching of the Bible and of the philosophy of ministry.
-Assemble a staff of paid and unpaid ministers and workers to carry forward the doctrines and philosophy of the Board of Elders.

The Qualifications
-The general qualifications for an elder shall apply to the man in this position
-He must be able to faithfully teach the Word
-He must be able to effectively lead the church in carrying out its duties
-He must be in agreement with the statement of faith and the doctrinal positions of the church


Indian Hills Community Church
1000 S. 84th Street
Lincoln, Nebraska 68510


Jason Lancaster



Lincoln, NE
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Full Time
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