Graduate Research Assistant at Independent Scholar
Glendale, CA 91208

I am a Conference Regional Director, and also an independent scholar (PhD, Practical Theology) seeking an academically astute, ethical and reliable Graduate Student Research Assistant primarily to assist in the preparation of documents for presentations and publications. The work will entail:

  • conducting final fact checks, including surveying/confirming extant demographic research cited and providing summaries of that research orally or in writing as needed
  • conducting online and library searches
  • organizing research materials, reading, highlighting and summarizing materials as requested.
  • scanning and printing resources and documents
  •  editing (as necessary) and assisting in formatting manuscripts for publication according to journal formatting requirements (Chicago 17, MLA, etc).
  • assisting in self-publishing logistics, such as printing, binding and modes of distribution.
  • creating/preparing PowerPoint presentations

Doctoral level Assistants may be alternatively/additionally asked to assist in creating evaluative surveys for pastors, educators and congregants by subject as needed, and/or to assist with curriculum refinements and publication preparation.

This job is part-time and temporary, up through December 31, 2021, although October is a particularly critical month for me. If mutually beneficial, our arrangement can be extended. In this Assistantship, one can work virtually anywhere there's online access during any hour of the day or night on any days of the week. Specific project deadlines may apply given applicable deadlines on conference presentations, publications, and more.

Fluency in written English is required. Reading competencies in other languages (particularly Spanish) are a plus. Topics of Interest: Food and Ecology, Ecotheology, Postcolonial discourse, racism and whiteness, social justice.

COVID-19 Protection Measures: If a face-to-face meeting or a drop off or exchange of materials is required, such will take place in a public setting like a coffee shop or library, and/or outdoors when possible. I'm fully vaccinated and always wear a face mask where required to do so. I'm used to working through ZOOM. If a visit to my office and place of regular employment (The Southern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists, Glendale, CA) is necessary, the building I work in is operating reduced COVID-19 based occupancy limits as a precaution and has an updated air-circulation system. Sign in and masking are required.



Independent Scholar
3228 Vickers Drive
Glendale, California 91208


Greg Hoenes


Glendale, CA 91208
Job type
Part Time
Per applicant's availability/hours available to be negotiated up to 15 hours a week.
Pay rate
By task or assignment (averaging not less than $20.00)
Ordained position
Exempt status
Critical Thinking
Information Search
Preparing Written Documents
Administrative and Support Services
Church Ministry
Educational Services