Project Manager at Hope Ventures
Pasadena, CA


Job Title: Project Manager

Compensation: $25-$35hr depending on experience.

About Hope Ventures:

Hope Ventures is committed to helping lift people out of poverty and into the whole-life flourishing that God intends. We are a Christian non-profit that provides training and support to partner organizations in the communities we serve. These local partners may work in the U.S. or internationally, but they all share our mission. We come alongside to provide the guidance and expertise they need for success.

Our approach is to help these local partners create entrepreneurial support groups (“entrepreneurial communities”) where participants mentor and help each other start and grow businesses, create jobs, and raise the standard of living in their communities. We help them achieve the “quadruple bottom lines” of a healthy business: economic, social, environmental, and spiritual success.

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Position Summary:

This is a part-time position, initially 10 - 15 hours/week, with the potential to increase as Hope Ventures’ project load grows in the next six months. There is some flexibility on the choice of work hours, but because our partners may be in any time zone, it may require some early morning or evening communications.

The role exists to offload administrative responsibilities associated with our projects from the CEO to allow him more focus on other strategic priorities. This is a remote position, but depending on location, some in-person meetings may be required. This is a non-exempt position reporting directly to the CEO.

Additionally, more hours could become available if this person has both the experience and desire to function as one of our project trainers.

Compensation is negotiable based on experience.

Position Objective:

Facilitating Communication: The person in this position will be successful by keeping everyone involved in our business startup training projects in sync in the same direction. Their focus will be managing the communications between all players in our projects, whether they are within Hope Ventures, a partner organization, a vendor, or a donor – anyone who needs to be in the loop to assure the success of our projects. This person takes seriously their responsibility to gather information and ensure everyone knows what they need to know and when they need to know it. The ability to format information well, communicate clearly, and choose the best communication channel (email, text, WhatsApp, phone, paper, etc.) are essential.

Organizing Training Content: Additionally, while the curriculum is already developed, contents of the curriculum will need to be packaged in session modules to fit the time schedule of the Project Partner. Content resources include PowerPoint, MS Word Workbook modules, and Excel schedules.

Curriculum Design/Improvement: They will also be attentive to detail and how entrepreneurs and trainers engage in training materials. There is always room for improvement in training content, so the ability to notice shortcomings and make improvements is necessary.

Collecting and Managing Data: This person oversees data collection from entrepreneurs, mentors, and trainers to ensure that Hope Ventures delivers the most valuable entrepreneurial training possible. This requires the organization of time and data and the ability to follow up with Project Partners to ensure adequate data is collected.

Guiding Relations: They also know that relationships must be nurtured even when delivering difficult messages. The international nature of many projects means the person must be aware of cultural differences and adapt accordingly.

Due to the small size of our organization, we often have to wear multiple hats, so some other administrative duties may be assigned from time to time.

Primary Responsibilities of this Position Include:

• Ensure our project partners have the support they need to train and track the progress of mentors and entrepreneurs. This involves the following:

  • Coordinating meeting schedules, creating agendas, gathering and distributing information needed to prepare for meetings, and arranging meeting logistics as needed.
  • Monitoring communication channels such as email, voicemail, WhatsApp, texts, etc., and responding to and/or redirecting messages between all involved parties.
  • Requesting information from internal and external sources to prepare reports on project activities and results.
  • Creating/updating surveys to collect data on project activities.
  • Tracking commitments others have made for completing tasks and following up to ensure they are done on time.
  • Gathering information and preparing project schedules and proposals.
  • Paying attention to the level of focus and engagement of project partners to ensure the project's success.

• Making recommendations to improve Hope Ventures’ processes and projects.

• Creating/updating training materials for entrepreneurs, mentors, and trainers.

General Requirements of a Successful Candidate:

• Proficient with office tools such as MS Office Suite, Online Project Management platforms, video conferencing

• Good time management skills and the ability to prioritize work

• Great interpersonal skills. (After all, we are in the people business!)

• Attention to detail and problem-solving skills

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills. (Active listener, friendly, confident, clear, succinct.)

• Experience in data collection and management – a plus

• Experience in curriculum development/design – a plus

• Nonprofit experience – a plus

• Basic business and or entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial experience - This background will provide context to understand Hope Ventures’ training.

• Demonstrated cross-cultural sensitivity

• Strong organizational skills

• Someone who can thrive while working virtually and has some flexibility in their schedule to accommodate calls in different time zones.

• Tolerance for ambiguity- able to navigate and work effectively in uncertain, unclear, and unpredictable environments. (International and nonprofit spaces routinely take on these characteristics.)

Person Profile:

When thinking about this person’s career trajectory and what would encourage them to take on a role like this, he or she:

1. Dreams about an opportunity to use his/her skills to impact the lives of people struggling to escape poverty. And the idea of helping whole communities and not just individuals is energizing!

2. Has experience working in small, startup organizations before and realizes he/she prefers that over a role in a corporate environment.

3. Currently has other commitments that make working 10-15 hours a week work well. At the same time is open to working more hours in the future.

4. Working virtually has proven to be both comfortable and productive for him/her.

When thinking about this person and their fit as a Project Admin, the following would be good clues that a match is possible:

1. Has a strong, active Christian faith.

2. Has often been told by many people what a skillful communicator he/she is and would enjoy making that an important part of his/her work.

3. Has a working knowledge of business. (Ideally, familiar with startups)

4. Having spent a significant amount of time in other countries, has good cross-cultural awareness.

5. Worked with his/her family or friends as they launched a successful business.

6. Is in a season of life where having part-time work that could grow over time into a full time position sounds good.

7. Is up for a great opportunity for personal and professional growth.

8. Is a natural encourager and has a high degree of relational awareness to follow and attend to the energy level of project participants.

In the following situations, this person might think or respond in these ways:

1. When expectations are unclear, he/she is not hesitant to ask for clarification.

2. Has creative ideas and readily shares them. Doesn’t get discouraged when not every idea gets acted upon. Gets equally excited about good ideas whether they come from him/her or someone else.

3. When mistaken or misunderstood, accepts responsibility for short-comings, and is gracious when confronted.

4. When confronted with information, can make sense of it, turn it around and talk meaningfully to what it may say. He/she is curious, which leads him/her to connect the dots between things others may miss.

5. When presented with relational dissonance, his/her first thought is to protect and guard the relationships and the people in them while pressing to achieve the shared objectives of the project.

6. He/she is resourceful in a way that is confident in his/her own capacity but can easily lean into the value of other subject matter experts in and out of the organization. He/she is proactive in identifying them and tapping their value.

If you are interested in applying for this position:

a. Please send a copy of your resume and cover letter.  We want to get a feel for the type of experience, skill, and passion you bring to the table.

b. Let us know what appeals to you about this position.

c. In light of the job description, what would you say would be your greatest strengths as a Project Manager?

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Hope Ventures
836 Santa Barbara St #B
Pasadena, California 91101


Heath Hollandsworth
[email protected]


Pasadena, CA
Job type
Part Time
Pay rate
$25 - $35 hr depending on experience
Ordained position
Exempt status
Not Exempt