Discipleship Pastor at Hope Church
Richmond, Virginia

Position: Discipleship Pastor

Hours: Full Time (40 hrs/week)

Department: Discipleship

FLSA Status: Exempt

Reports To: Executive Pastor





The Discipleship Pastor has a calling to create and implement methods to develop mature disciples of Jesus Christ. The primary focus of this role is developing and overseeing the adult discipleship pathway using groups, classes, serving, and care teams to connect people to Christ and one another. This role requires a firm grasp of HOPE's beliefs, values, and strategies and the ability to align staff and volunteer teams with its mission, vision, and values.



?     Serving on the Executive Leadership Team

o  Providing leadership regarding the direction of HOPE

o  Initiating, shaping, and implementing HOPE's v30 goals

o  Collaborating with the ELT in a spirit of unity

o  Caring for the people of HOPE, our community and ministry partners

o  Reporting weekly to ELT, monthly to elders, and quarterly to the congregation, including attendance, giving, small group participation, baptisms, volunteer engagement, community transformation, etc.

o  Obtaining and providing feedback on performance metrics, budgets, calendars, and other significant ministry endeavors

o  Serving as a leading force behind HOPE’s v30 goal of 1,500 baptisms by 2030

o  Initiating, implementing, and refining ministry strategies to accomplish this goal


?     Leading the ministry direction, staff, and budgets for the HOPE Discipleship teams

o  Groups Team and Classes

?      Leading the groups and classes teams to administrate small groups and classes providing spiritual growth opportunities for 75% of the congregation by 2030, and engaging and training volunteers for ministry opportunities

?      Developing group and class leaders to implement strategies to help make disciples at all stages of an individual’s faith journey

?      Directing Discover HOPE, Vision Nights, Baptism events, new believer experiences, and other plans in line with HOPE’s mission and vision

?      Managing a team of 2 full-time and 2 part-time staff members


o  Volunteer Team

?      Leading the philosophy and implementation of healthy volunteer management for Sundays and other ministry areas as needed

?      Growing the number of volunteers by 10% each year by generating increased awareness of serving and growth opportunities

?      Overseeing the recruitment, training, management, and celebration of HOPE volunteers

?      Managing a team of one full-time staff member


o  Deacons Team

?      Leading a team of ordained deacons to provide congregational care, counseling, and volunteer leadership on Sunday mornings

?      Supporting the spiritual development and support of the deacon team through training, leading regular meetings and retreats, coordinating their ministry work, and engaging in the process of nominating new deacons annually

?      Managing the volunteer team of deacons


o  Care Team

?      Leading the Care Team of staff and volunteers who provide intake and evaluation of congregational requests for financial support, counseling, and pastoral care during seasons of personal crisis

?      Ensuring best practices are followed in the care provided to HOPE staff and community

?      Providing strategy and vision for the team

?      Managing a team of two part-time staff members


?     Providing general pastoral leadership at HOPE

?     Being available as a point person on Sundays in the concourse between services to meet people and assist with needs

?     Fulfilling other pastoral/administrative duties (sermons, Sunday hosting, weddings, funerals, baptisms, child baptisms or dedications, counseling, etc.) or other tasks as directed by the Executive Pastor




?     Mature disciple of Jesus Christ demonstrating grace and truth as a leader with a desire to see God’s church thriving for His glory

?     A growing personal relationship with Jesus Christ

?     Commitment to HOPE’s mission, vision, and values

?     At all times be thinking about getting people connected and engaged in the discipleship pathway at HOPE so that the gospel can be offered to as many people as possible

?     Able to work collaboratively with other ministry teams to support the ministry of HOPE Church

?     Receptive to coaching

?     Effective mobilizer with solid skills in leadership, management, administration, and communication

?     Strong team player with a servant’s heart with skills that are positive and enthusiastic and will inspire and build trust with people

?     Proactive self-starter, creative problem solver

?     A heart for God’s Church and seeing it thrive and bear fruit for His glory

?     Excellent fit with the culture and environment of HOPE

?     Mature grasp of the Bible and ability to teach and lead biblically

?     Understanding of confidentiality and proper care of personal information

?     Alignment and agreement with the EPC Essentials of our Faith, the EPC denomination and HOPE’s participation in it

?     Preach and teach occasionally to advance the messaging of the church

?     Minimum 5-7 years of ministry experience in relevant settings

?     A Master's degree in a related field completed or in progress, seminary degree preferred

?     EPC ordination preferable





?     Sedentary work primarily involves sitting, moving about to accomplish tasks, communicating with others to exchange information; assessing the accuracy, neatness, and thoroughness of the work assigned.




?     Monday - Thursday 9 am-5 pm

?     Sunday 7 am-1 pm

?     Occasional weeknights, Fridays, and Saturdays



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Hope Church
12445 Patterson Ave
Richmond, Virginia 23238


Hope Church
(804) 708-5330
[email protected]



Richmond, Virginia
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
Ordained position
Exempt status
Church Ministry