Disciple Making Pastor/Director at Hope Church
Fresno, CA

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Denomination: Presbyterian - EPC

Weekly Attendance: 275 (COVID in-person attendance number)

Location: Fresno, California

The Role: Disciple Making Pastor/Director


Meet First Presbyterian Church - Fresno:

First Presbyterian Church is a church in the heart of Fresno with a heart for Fresno. It’s been this way since the official launch of the congregation in 1884. We have always been a congregation with a longing to see our city transformed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s why we deeply value Christ-centered, transformational relationships, partnerships, and leadership.

We’re a congregation that loves to be connected with one another and within our city. We’re not satisfied with being multigenerational—we desire to be intergenerational. Authentic relationships are powerful. And when centered in Christ, they foster personal and corporate transformation. So, we’re a congregation constantly working to help long-time congregants connect with newcomers, while also encouraging all congregants to connect authentically with neighbors and friends who don’t yet know the grace of Jesus.

We’re a congregation that loves to partner with other churches and ministries for the sake of the Gospel in our city and world.  So, we don’t do our own vacation bible school for our kids—we work together with a team of proximate churches and ministries to run City Bible Adventure for our community. We share our campus with Hope Now For Youth, a ministry focused on redeeming men and women from the bondage of the gang lifestyle. We participate with more than 80 other churches in our city for an annual season of prayer and fasting. We host events for ministry partners who don’t have the same kind of space that we do. And, our people are connected and serving with ministries and organizations around our city in the name of Jesus.

We’re a congregation that loves to develop and support Christian leaders who can use their influence for sake of the Gospel in their homes, neighborhoods, workplaces, and community. So, we work hard to engage the congregation in ministry leadership. We, like other Presbyterian churches, are led by a community of elders and deacons who have been selected from the congregation by the congregation. We hire young adults, mostly students, to serve as Summer Staff and Worship Interns. And for the last 25 years, we’ve used a four-plex on our church campus (The Pink House) to host dozens of young adults for a 9-month residential discipleship experience in the heart of the city.

This is First Presbyterian Church Fresno. We stand today on the wonderful and faithful stewardship of those who have gone before with a keen sense of the new things that God is doing in our midst – with a newly articulated vision and mission to guide us and with a fresh passion to reach the next generation of people who are working, living, and investing in downtown Fresno. We are, and we long to be, even more, a church in the heart of the city with a heart for the city.


About the Disciple Making Pastor/Director:

FPC’s Disciple Making Pastor/Director will collaborate with the Pastoral Staff and Ministry Leaders to develop and implement a vision, strategy, and coordination for disciple-making initiatives.


The Disciple Making Pastor/Director Will:

Develop and implement the vision and strategy for disciple-making. This will take place in both existing ministries (such as Adult Education, Men’s and Women’s Ministry, and GO Teams) and new initiatives.
Design and implement a full complement of appropriate on-ramps for members who are at different stages of their journey to start and grow in their commitment to Christ and their skillsets for service in the kingdom.
Take the initiative to recruit, develop, and encourage healthy leadership and healthy teams.
Supervise, equip, and engage leaders to be disciple-makers.
Create a learning/serving environment that is welcoming and responsive to diverse ethnicities, social classes, and learning styles.
Assist in worship services including preaching and teaching as requested.

What You Bring:

Education & Experience

Bachelor’s degree is required.
3+ years of ministry experience is required preferably with some sort of Adult Discipleship experience (vocation or lay ministry).
This position may be a ‘First Call’ role.
Personal Characteristics & Requirements

Agreement with the standards and doctrine of First Presbyterian Church and the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (EPC).
A growing relationship with Christ, high moral character, and a strong history of involvement in a local church.
Excellent leadership and interpersonal and team-building skills.
An effective and compelling communicator, publicly and personally, in both spoken and written communication.
Proven record of proactively pursuing relationships with people in congregations and communities.
Demonstrated ability to build ministries and lead volunteers and the ability to spark the vision of gospel revitalization in communities.
Ability to invite and attract people into new learning postures.
Thorough understanding of missional communities and living everyday life with gospel intentionality.
If Assistant Pastor:
Master of Divinity Degree and Ordination or qualified for Ordination in the Evangelical Presbyterian Church.
Proven ability to preach and provide pastoral care.

What it's Like to Live in Fresno, California:

Fresno, California is located in the Central Valley of California. Fresno is often considered an “underdog” town. It is a diverse, gritty, hard-working city full of down-to-earth people. It has the benefits of incredible multiculturalism but very little of the smugness and pretension that can be stereotypical of some Californians. As an agricultural community hard work, core values, and amazing local produce are wonderful perks. It is often a refuge for Californians who are tired of superficial lifestyles prevalent in the urban cores of Northern and Southern California. It is also a refuge to many looking for a more family-friendly region of California with a reasonable cost of living.

Fresno is an hour from the Sierra Nevadas (home to Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon National Parks) and only a couple of hours from many different coastal areas. Though it doesn't get the top-billing that Denver and Seattle do, Fresno is a great place to live if you love the wilderness. Proximity and affordability make it easy to get outdoors into nature most of the year.

The cost of living in Fresno stands in stark relief to the metropolis communities of the state. Purchasing a home at an affordable price point is a reasonable expectation in Fresno, unlike much of California. Being the fifth largest city in California with a regional population of 1 million allows for both the amenities of a larger city without losing a smaller city feel.

The church’s intentional  Downtown location creates an opportunity to be a light and connection to the immediate community and to Fresno as a whole. Though Fresno often gets a bad rap, FPC loves the city and sees the amazing ways that God is already at work. There truly is something special about this place.

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Hope Church
1540 M St
Fresno, California 93721


Joshua Houston



Fresno, CA
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Full Time
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