Associate Pastor at High Point Church
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High Point Church

Associate Pastor

Full Time Salaried Position


The Associate Pastor extends the ministry of the Senior Pastor and Board of Elders in the congregation and community by ministering through spiritual statesmanship and integrity, serving them through pastoral duties and equipping the saints for works of service. He reports to the Senior Pastor.

Spiritual Requirements

Exhibits the godly character and qualities outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Peter 5:1-4 and Acts 6:4; 20.
Expresses a clear testimony of personal salvation, believer’s baptism, and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ demonstrated in affection and obedience to everything he has commanded (Matthew 28:19-21).
Commits to personal regular accountability with other godly men and the ability to maintain such relationships. Has the ability to both wield and submit to authority with integrity.
Has consistent discipline in his devotional life in worship, prayer, Bible study and reflection.
Shows no favoritism and is committed to tearing down all dividing walls of hostility and factionalism in the Body of Christ (Eph. 2-3, 1 Cor. 1, Phil 2, Lev. 19:15, James 2:1,9, 1 Tim. 5:21). Demonstrates full respect toward everyone, especially cognizant toward women and elders, is kind toward children and adolescents, welcoming and honoring toward people of all races, nationalities and backgrounds, and bears kindly with those with all kinds of infirmities.
Obeys the Scriptural directives for growth and development of an individual Christian life, demonstrating the fruit of the Spirit and attitudes and actions of “servant-leadership” as indicated in the life of Jesus and throughout Scripture (Mark 10:45).
Embraces Scriptural standards for behavior and attitudes in both physical and digital spaces.
Pursues a vibrant relationship with the triune God through engagement with Scripture, prayer and worship, both individually and in community.
Develops self-leadership: growing in self-awareness, self-management, relational integrity, and healthy practices including rest.
Exhibits a heart for evangelism and a deep desire to reach the lost for Christ.
Holds a complete and biblical doctrine of the local church, being unashamed of its primacy in growing and shepherding the Body of Christ; yet seeking to empower people to thrive in all contexts of their lives.
Agrees fully with the Statement of Faith of High Point Church.

Relationally warm, respectful and helpful towards others, treating people courteously and diplomatically.
Humble: has a teachable attitude and a desire to grow spiritually and personally.
Has a deep sense of responsibility for and commitment to the High Point Church mission, vision and values.
Is ambitious for spiritual impact, yet humble, and without selfish ambition or conceited vanity (Philippians 2).

Education and Experience

Sound theological education. M.Div. or better is strongly preferred. However, HPC calls candidates on demonstrated ability, not formal educational attainment.
Experience: Some experience is necessary. We do not put a specific minimum requirement on length of experience.
A clear record of faithfulness and effectiveness in the ministries that he has directed.
Must be eligible for employment.

Competencies and Expectations

Leadership skills that reflect bold and decisive servant-leader values and that engender trust among staff and members with whom he regularly works.
Strong interpersonal skills that enable him to provide guidance to staff and comfort to members and attenders seeking spiritual support, particularly in times of critical need.
Staff management skills that position him as their leader, mentor, and coach; he is the person to whom they will look for direction in their area of ministry and for direct and timely feedback on their effectiveness.
Organization and administrative skills to manage the breadth of ministries under his direction and to maintain clear direction for those he is leading.
Capacity to provide faithful expository communication of the Word and a demonstrated passion for its truth.

Position Responsibilities and Duties

Work collaboratively with executive team members to help execute the strategic plan of the church.
Implement the vision of the High Point Church Board of Elders by providing pastoral care including by leading the Comprehensive Shepherding Model in conjunction with the Small Group ministry, elders and deacons.
Lead the deacons in their ministries and mobilize the Board of Elders in their shepherding ministry.
Identify and refer people for appointment to the diaconate, develop the diaconate in ministry, and support the Board of Elders by training them in the skills of pastoral duties.
Help shepherd volunteers and leaders of High Point Church, including Small Group leaders.
Work with the on-ramp ministries to aid in assimilating newcomers to the church into the life of the body.
Enthusiastically support and participate in the “teaching church” model of ministry of High Point Church by functioning on our faculty of pastoral ministries.
Work in close association with the entire staff to build and maintain a strong team environment among the staff and to complete the work necessary to fully serve and support the ministries and events of High Point Church.
Provide leadership and direction to the Benevolence Ministry.
Act as staff liaison to the Adult Christian Education Committee.
Work with the Small Group Ministry Director in planning and executing all the functions that are essential to a viable and dynamic Small Group ministry.
Attend regular staff meetings and participate in additional meetings when requested to do so.
Perform other duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.
Preach six to 12 times per year.


Reports to Senior Pastor
Member of Staff Executive Team
Manages Benevolence Coordinator
Works alongside all other ministry staff
Acts as staff liaison to the Christian Education Committee

Physical Demands

Must be able to sit and stand for extended periods of time and lift objects of up to 40 pounds
Must be able to speak well enough for public settings.
Must be able to concentrate intently in listening to people, and in preparing theological material for teaching.

Salary and Benefits

Salary commensurate with education and experience. High Point Church offers a generous employee benefit package that includes paid time off, health and dental insurance, a company 401(k) plan, off-site ministry time and tuition discount for our K-8 Christian School.


Below is the statement our Senior Pastor shared with our Search Committee and Board of Elders concerning the profile of the candidate we are looking for:

The position we will be seeking to fill is that of an "Associate Pastor." An Associate Pastor must:

Have all the qualifications of an elder outlined in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1.
Have the capacity to shepherd God's flock (Acts 20) and to function as an overseer (1 Peter 5).
Have the capacity for leadership as well as teaching and preaching (since High Point as a local church is more the size of a movement rather than a small flock). First Timothy 5 designates a difference between the normal shepherding elder and those who beyond shepherding will also have the leadership role of "directing the affairs of the church" or whose work is "preaching and teaching." The apostle argues that people who fulfill these particular roles of leadership in teaching are "worthy of their wages" and that they can be paid. This is one of the biblical justifications for a church having paid staff and having some elders who are not paid staff. An Associate Pastor must do work beyond simply the work of an elder but must be capable of leading by directing the affairs of the church, and also be capable of doing the work of preaching and teaching.
Demonstrate competence in leadership and teaching.
Demonstrate the capacity to handle the increased pressures of leadership in teaching, including the temptations that come with increased power; especially pride.
Demonstrate a broad knowledge of the Scriptures and of theology, as well as a profound fidelity to God's truth. Their desire to be relevant should be distinctly part of their hearts to reach others, but should never adversely affect their greater responsibility to be faithful to God's truth of the gospel and the written Scriptures. One who leads and teaches must be willing to face the displeasure of all and recognize that only the judgment of God counts (1 Corinthians 4:1 – 4).
Be exemplary in their willingness and capacity to engage in church discipline (1 Corinthians 5) but be able to do it with loving humility, while not falling into temptation oneself (Galatians 6). They must be willing to work for both the growth and unity of the entire body of Christ (Ephesians 4). In everything, they must act and comport themselves as though Christ is the greater Head, and they are Christ's servant and a steward of the gospel and its mysteries.
An Associate Pastor must not only have a clearly growing faith but must demonstrate hard work in the development of the pastoral disciplines (1 Timothy 4:14 – 16). Such a pastor recognizes that the entire purpose of their vocation is, as Paul says of the church in Philippi, to "continue with all of you for your progress and joy in the faith so that by being with you your joy in Christ Jesus will overflow on account of me" (Philippians 1:25 – 26).
After these considerations, the particular work of the associate pastor we are selecting will start out with an emphasis on leading a comprehensive shepherding approach for the entire church. The purpose of the "Comprehensive Shepherding Model," developed by Lloyd Biddle and myself, is to provide shepherding support for everyone who calls High Point Church home in any way. This is broken down into three groups:

The Small Group participant and Regular Attender: This group of people is shepherded by our Small Group leaders, and we shepherd them by supporting our Small Group leaders in that work.
Connected and committed but not in Small Groups: Especially when there are numerous kids at home, Small Group participation is not conducive to the life of a certain group of people who are mature Christians and who worship regularly.
Peripheral and unconnected: These are folks who we are unsure of their commitment to Jesus or connection to our church. We have record of them through the HUB (our online database): they may have given a gift in the past, signed up for some ministry, or filled out a Connection Card. However, we have no reason to believe that they are connected to the body of Christ, are well shepherded by anyone, or have the kind of Christian community necessary for long-term perseverance.
Therefore, the Associate Pastor of congregational care is responsible for leading the congregation in shepherding itself on the various levels necessary to provide comprehensive spiritual care for the body of Christ. The key word here is: leading. The Associate Pastor cannot care for hundreds of people – if not a couple of thousand. This person, therefore, must be a leader and must be profoundly personable. They will be required to engage in numerous personal contacts. They should like picking up the phone. They should not mind driving to someone's house to meet with them. They should have a bias for personal interaction and pastoral action. We want the sort of person who you might never see in the office, because they are going from person to person to person as they lead the shepherding efforts of the church.


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