Pastor at Grace Fellowship Presbyterian Church
Middlesboro, KY

Grace Fellowship Presbyterian Church (Middlesboro, KY) – Bi-vocational Pastor

The Big Picture
Grace Fellowship Presbyterian Church is a faithful PCA church seeking a bi-vocational Pastor who will preach the Word of God, shepherd the congregation, and equip the church for works of service.

The Church
Grace Fellowship works to establish a Reformed church/presence presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ to Appalachia. We are a particularized church of Ohio Valley Presbytery (PCA). Based on the experience of Grace Fellowship since being designated as a mission church in 2011, we conclude that impacting this area with the Reformed faith will be a long, slow process. Regardless of that, Grace Fellowship has more than doubled membership in the last two years. Grace Fellowship prayerfully hopes to continue to shine the light of the Reformed faith in this area until we can grow the loving grace of our Lord in Appalachia.
One way Grace Fellowship has "reached out" to the larger community is by sponsoring White Horse Inn broadcasts on the local Christian radio station. We pray we can continue reaching out to the community with such things as White Horse Inn broadcasts. Ladies of the church remain active in the community by volunteering to babysit for the Lincoln Memorial University (LMU) Debusk College of Osteopathic Medicine Christian student organization monthly meeting and for many years the congregation has worked with an Associate Reformed Presbyterian organization to hold VBS.
We are a small but varied group of families, ranging from 70+ year old retirees, families with high school and college age youth, families with young children, and young married couples attending LMU or other colleges. Our hymns are accompanied by a guitarist who happens to be an LMU student.

The Qualifications
We are a small, growing congregation and a church with limited financial support. It is probable that a candidate would require additional outside support in the form of a retirement income, "tent-maker" outside employment, or "missionary" style support. A part-time pastoral approach is possible. We currently meet each Sunday morning in a local Seventh Day Adventist facility. We are seeking a man who wishes to serve with us by practicing exegetical lectio continua preaching, serving weekly communion, family integrated worship, and frequent fellowship meals and gatherings.


Grace Fellowship Presbyterian Church
Middlesboro, KY
Middlesboro, Kentucky 40965


Jason Lancaster

Middlesboro, KY
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