Student Pastor at Grace Fellowship Church Shrewsbury
Shrewsbury, PA

Student Pastor - Grace Fellowship Church Shrewsbury

Overview: Full Time Salaried (40 hrs/week). Pastoral Position. Previous Experience Desired But Not Necessary. Leading the Youth Program (Awaken) and Assisting the Young Adults (The Grove).

Summary of Scope of Work: The Pastor of Students will be responsible for the overall leadership and direction of the Middle School, High School and assisting the Young Adult Ministry - leading all assigned areas in the accomplishment of the church’s mission, in alignment with the church’s vision and values. This includes leading the teams of volunteer leaders, maintaining clear vision and direction.

The Pastor of Students at Grace Fellowship Church Shrewsbury will also share in the responsibility of general pastoral duties with existing pastoral staff – which can include, but is not limited to, Sunday service teaching, pastoral counseling, and ceremonial and sacerdotal functions as assigned by the Lead Pastor.

Essential Spiritual Duties:

Lead and influence middle school, high school, and young adult students into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Equip, motivate, teach, and disciple students to become committed, life-long followers of Jesus Christ and live life to its fullest.
Oversee/lead contemporary student worship experiences utilizing technical components to deliver spiritual truths in a compelling, relevant way.
o Weekly services
o Retreats (Revive, Lock-Ins, Summer Events, etc)

Job Duties:

To fulfill the Bring, Build, and Send mission of Grace Fellowship Church Shrewsbury.
Maintain an authentic and growing relationship with God through living a presence- based life, both personally and in ministry. Nurture the life of Jesus in myself and others by practicing spiritual disciplines and relying on the Holy Spirit’s promptings and power. Walk and grow in the grace of God by upholding the Peacemaker’s Pledge, calling out Christ in others and helping to grow a culture of honor thereby bringing glory to God.
Embrace, incorporate, and strive to fulfill the overall ministry vision to produce and sustain a vibrant and growing Student Ministry and youth culture at Grace.
o Vision: To be a movement of students and families who come alive to the love of Jesus, become rooted in the truth of Jesus, and tell the world about the grace of Jesus.

Identify, recruit, and train leaders to effectively invest into the ministries.
o D Group Leaders

o Student Leaders

o Program Helpers

Advanced planning, coordination, communication and oversight for all aspects of the ministry.
Relate well to the culture of the students and to their families.
Provide opportunities for Christ honoring outreach.
Oversee and maintain small groups that are healthy and growing for students and young adults.
o D-Groups (7th-12th)
Provide individual counseling and spiritual direction to leaders and students as needed.
Establish relationships with parents through regular group and personal meetings.
Carefully steward the Student Ministry budget while maximizing program effectiveness.
Build relationships with other kingdom expressions and seek opportunities to partner with them.
Attend and participate in staff and other related meetings.


Grace Fellowship Church Shrewsbury
74 E. Forrest Ave
Shrewsbury, Pennsylvania 17361


Brittany Barnette

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Shrewsbury, PA
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Full Time
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Ordained position
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