Jr High Director at Grace Community Church
Tyler, TX

Jr High Director for Grace Student Ministry at the Old Jacksonville Campus

The Position

  • Multiply Disciples. Actively pursue Jr High students in personal one-on-one disciple making relationships.
  • Lead a team of volunteers to strategize, plan, and implement missional efforts to be and make disciples.
  • Provide pastoral care, counsel and direction for Jr High Students and families.


  • College degree.
  • Mature faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Evidence of servant leadership and effective teaching in the church.
  • Ability to communicate vision for reaching Jr High Students.
  • Ability to recruit and develop new leaders.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and team player mentality
  • Both analytically and socially inclined. People give energy, yet are still able to drive strategy.
  • Comfortable working in a fluid, fast-paced and collaborative environment.

Role: The Mission of Grace is to see the Holy Spirit help people be disciples who make disciples who are wholeheartedly committed in Worship of God, fully engaged in the Mission of the gospel, intimately connected in authentic Community. The Jr High Director for the Old Jacksonville Campus serves to: 1) Partner with GCC parents in the discipleship of their 7-8th grade students 2) Seek “unchurched” students and love them with the gospel.

Co-Laborers: Each GSM leader will oversee a specific age group yet work collaboratively with the rest of the GSM team for the execution of ministry programs.

Specific Responsibilities:

  • Develop Influencers:  Recruit, train, direct, and inspire a team of adult volunteers to facilitate ministry and build relationships with students.  This involves regular communication for accountability, encouragement, and training.
  • Teacher: Walk students through the Bible, teaching truth about God and His plan of salvation.  This takes place both in assembly format and in smaller groups.
  • Program Coordinator: Work with GSM team to create weekly, bi- weekly, and yearly events.
    Intercessor: Pray on behalf of the students.
  • Parent Partner: Communicate with parents about their students concerning personal spiritual development.
  • Teammate: Meeting regularly with GSM staff for planning, communication, struggles, triumphs, etc. regarding the discipleship of all students at GCC.
  • GCC Staff Member: Responsible for various tasks that aid in the goals of GCC in its entirety.  This involves partnering with other ministries of GCC such as announcements in worship services, skits for Grace KIDS, chaperone for school trips, project work, greeting guests on Sunday mornings, etc.

Success Factors: The person who will flourish in this role is someone who enjoys being a self starter but deeply values working in unity with a team. They will be good at recruiting, caring for, and developing a diverse set of volunteers in order to handle the complex combination of tactical detail work and people based ministry student ministry requires. They will enjoy change, fast paced environments, and creative problem solving. As much as they love creating fun, they need to have the capacity to wrestle with the deep issues of becoming a young person. They are able to get up in front of a group and teach a compelling message as well as facilitate a small group or one on one encounter with grace and patient listening skills. They must be able to follow through with details in the execution of the mission. Finally, they are a learner, a mature thinker, and love Jesus, His gospel, and His church deeply.

Preferred traits: College Degree. Evidence of Biblical literacy and discipleship experience. 2-3 years working with students in a direct ministry role. Evidence of large group teaching ability.

General Work Habits / Environment: This position reports directly to the OJ Campus Student Ministry Director with the primary office located in Tyler at GCC Main Office. The workweek target is 40-45 hours.  There will be seasons where the workweek exceeds this due to events and other necessary occurrences.  Out of those hours 50% should be spent in the office, while the others are spent on contact work, including meetings with students, parents, volunteers, school visits, or extra curricular activities.


Grace Community Church
1828 E SE Loop 323
Tyler, Texas 75701


Heather Simonds



Tyler, TX
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