Worship Leader at Grace Anglican Community
Katy, Texas

Grace Anglican Community is a nine year old congregation located in Katy, Texas, a dynamic, family oriented suburb of Houston. Our worship is a rich blend of ancient liturgy and (mostly) contemporary music. We are seeking to fill a part-time position responsible for leading and growing the contemporary music ministry.



Worship Leader Job Description


The Worship Leader is a servant role, i.e., to assist the congregation to connect with God through worship. The responsibilities are:


- Lead congregational worship.


- Create and maintain a worship team. This requires recruiting, training and ongoing development of the members of the group. It includes scheduling rehearsals and the maintenance of music files.


- In cooperation with the Rector, the Worship Leader will help plan services including, but not limited to, song selection and coordination of seasonal services (Christmas, Easter, etc.).


- As part of the overall worship ministry of the church, the Worship Leader may be asked to provide worship music, materials, and musicians for ministry events/meetings (for example, Alpha and retreats).


- As part of an overall effort to encourage worship, the Worship Leader may be called to help educate the congregation through written articles, classes or preaching.


- Seek an ever deeper understanding of worship and worship leadership through reading, conferences, study and prayer.


- Continue to grow and mature in your faith.


- As a support to the worship, the Worship Leader will oversee preparation of media presentations for Sunday worship and the worship materials for clergy and lay readers.


- Administratively, the Worship Leader will ensure the church adheres to CCLI licensing requirements and oversee reporting of song usage to CCLI as required.



Worship Leader Job Qualifications


- Vocal skills


- Proficiency in acoustic guitar and/or keyboard


-Desire to recruit, lead and love musicians/singers


- A basic knowledge of audio/visual equipment and systems is helpful


- A basic knowledge of worship software is helpful


Prior experience is preferred. However, we would be willing to train a candidate who demonstrates a servant’s heart, sufficient skill, and a desire to learn.


To apply for this job, please click here https://justchurchjobs.com/apply/1657


Grace Anglican Community
24968 Katy Ranch Rd,
Katy, Texas 77494


Grace Anglican Community



Katy, Texas
Job type
Part Time
Pay rate
Ordained position
Exempt status
Not Exempt
Church Ministry