Director of Admissions at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
South Hamilton, MA

Salary Range:$64,000.00 To 78,000.00 Annually


Gordon-Conwell is a multidenominational, protestant graduate school, unique with its broad array of over 1,300 students and 200 faculty and staff from 78 denominations and over 50 countries. We offer a residential model of education at South Hamilton, MA (our main campus); an urban context in Boston, MA; adult educational models in both our Charlotte, NC campus and our offerings in Jacksonville, FL; in addition to online and cohort models involving students from around the world.

Our mission is to prepare men and women for ministry at home and abroad. Rooted in the gospel and God’s Word, the seminary seeks to develop Christian leaders who are thoughtful, globally aware, spiritually mature, and ready for a broad array of ministries. While being historically orthodox and evangelical, we seek to address the issues of our times with both relevance to the culture and faithfulness to Christ and God’s truthful Word.


Position Summary

Under the broad supervision of the Vice President of Graduate Programs, this position supports the mission of the Seminary and the Admissions team by providing direct oversight, vision, and leadership to the seminary’s admission team in the accomplishment of the seminary’s recruiting goals. This individual will also lead the general operations of the Admissions Office as they apply to recruiting, admitting, and enrolling prospective students into seminary courses. Qualified candidates will be able to affirm and support the mission and vision of the seminary.


Key Responsibilities

1.    Strategic Recruiting Leadership

a)    Develop annual program recruitment goals in conjunction with seminary leadership.

b)    Create the strategic plan to achieve annual student recruitment goals.

c)    Coordinate with MARCOM to integrate marketing, inter-personal communications and regional/online recruiting events that increase the number of prospective students entering the admissions funnel.

d)    Build on existing partnerships and develop additional, mutually beneficial partnerships with groups whose members would be well served with a GCTS education.

e)    Adjust and align partnership and recruiting efforts in step with the seminary’s culture and curriculum growth to recruit an increasingly diverse student body.

f)    Evaluate the qualifications of applicants for admission, working with a team of people to accept or deny applicants within the Seminary’s guidelines.

g)    Develop and employ strategy to ensure maximum yield of accepted to enrolled students.


2.    Admissions Team Leadership

a)    Leadership Agility: Being responsive to shifts in the church in terms of needs and attitudes towards ministry training, oversee the end-to-end execution of strategic recruitment plans, integrating the admissions team efforts along with the data systems that support them.

b)    Team Development: Train and cohere the “One GCTS” multi-office Admissions team connections and workflows; develop team members in their strengths, align team members in their roles, and provide an example of how to walk alongside prospective students in a manner that is honoring to God and prospective students.

c)    Appointment and retention of admissions staff: design a team to ensure key performance indicators are met, develop a plan for competitive wages for admissions team members in keeping with local costs of living, proving ongoing coaching, training, personal skill development along with regular evaluations to ensure individual and team recruiting outcomes and goals are met.


3.    Shaping Recruitment, Recruitment, Record and Financial Systems

a)    Metrics: Oversee metrics of the admissions team; report consolidated metrics to the VP of Graduate Programs and institutional leadership as needed, adjust strategies, and reallocate resources to ensure overall recruiting goals are met.

b)    SIS & CRM transition and stability: Center the team around unified systems and processes that generate leverageable reports. Monitor prospective student and matriculation data. Analyze, interpret and evaluate data, flagging and responding to anomalies and reporting to seminary leadership as necessary.

c)    Scholarship development: Develop policy and procedure strategies for clarifying and streamlining the scholarship application and decision process, ensure annual scholarships are understood by seminary leadership as well as admissions and student financial services staff; ensure adequate timelines are understood and met, develop consensus with seminary leadership on what scholarship programs are fully funded, partially funded or un-funded.

d)    Budget: Plan annual budget in collaboration with the Vice President of Graduate Programs, oversee expenses throughout the year to come within target for annual budget goals.


4.    Perform other duties as necessary.


Key Competencies

•    Relationship Building and Leadership: Possess administrative, supervisory, and organizational abilities that build collaborative, healthy relationships both within a multi-site GCTS office and between GCTS and its external partnerships. A warm, welcoming, hospitable spirit that puts guests at ease and sets an example for the team.  Proven ability to collaborate and foster a team environment.

•    Cultural intelligence: ability to work sensitively across cultures and make multi-cultural connections.  Able to develop a flexible and adaptive admissions culture that considers context in both student recruiting and matriculation while understanding the seminary’s multi-denominational and multi-cultural ethos.

•    Communication and Interpersonal Effectiveness: Must have strong written and verbal communication skills and be able to communicate in a manner that allows information to flow freely and smoothly in order to perform job responsibilities in a timely fashion.

•    Strategic and Creative Thinking: A talent for creative thinking and problem solving that will open doors to new groups of students. Has familiarity with graduate theological education and its changing cultural landscape, with confidence that there is a recruiting path forward. Demonstrated ability to create long-term and short-term strategies to accomplish department and institutional goals.  A talent for creative thinking and problem solving that will open new sources of quality leads.

•    Analytical Skills: Ability to analyze, interpret and evaluate data in order to make data-driven decisions and report to leadership. Strong proficiency with student information systems (preferably CAMS) as well as Microsoft Excel and Word. Experience with Crystal Reports and/or SQL Server Reporting Services as well as some basic knowledge SQL reporting are preferred but not required.

•    Knowledge and Discernment: Can interpret situations accurately, makes good decisions and communicate them effectively in a transparent and efficient way. Understands the academic, personal and spiritual capabilities required for theological training. An ability to teach and lead a team in discerning an applicant’s readiness for, fit and acceptance within the seminary.

•    Willingness to abide by the Community Life Statement of GCTS.


Education and Experience

•    Minimum of five years of previous experience in higher education recruitment and enrollment management (preferably in admissions), or relevant recruiting experience in another field. Successful leadership experience managing teams and the recruitment process is required.

•    Facility with digital tools and spaces that prospective students, existing and potential partners, as well as a multi-office staff inhabit.

•    Experience in goal setting and achievement.

•    Master’s degree required, preferably in higher education administration or a field related to one that the seminary teaches.


Application Process

Please apply through Gordon-Conwell’s Career Center available here:

Please include these documents in either Microsoft Word or PDF formats:

•    A cover letter addressed to Dr. Brad Howell, Vice President of Graduate Programs, explaining your interest in the position.

•    A formal CV that includes the names of at least three references.

No hard copy materials, please. Opportunities to interview will be made available at the search committee’s initiative. Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.


Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary
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