Associate Pastor to Students and Families at Good Shepherd Baptist
Scott Depot,West Virginia

Principle Function: The Associate Pastor of Students and Families is responsible to the Senior Pastor to lead/administer the Youth, Children, and Families Ministry of Good Shepherd Baptist Church.

Qualifications: The Associate Pastor of Students and Families shall meet the qualifications laid out in 1 Timothy 3:2-7 and Titus 1:6-9. He shall be in full agreement with Good Shepherd Baptist Church’s Statement of Faith as spelled out in the 2017 GSBC Constitution. While formal Bible training is preferred, completion of a Bible degree is not required. The Senior Pastor will assess the candidate’s doctrinal and theological positions and ability to use Scripture. Prior experience developing and leading a ministry will be given preference.


1. Work with the Senior Pastor to develop an overall vision for the ministries to youth, children, and families at GSBC as they pertain to the overall vision of the church: to make disciples who make disciples.

2. Work with the Senior Pastor to evaluate and develop the various programs within the ministry to youth, children, and families.

3. Lead and/or coordinate trained, qualified volunteers to lead each of the ministry programs within the ministry to youth, children, and families.

4. Ensure that each “teaching” position within the ministry is filled by a qualified, capable teacher.

5. Recruit and train adequate volunteers to grow and maintain each of the ministry’s programs.

6. Train and/or facilitate training for ministry volunteers.

7. Develop ministry relationships with the student families of Good Shepherd Baptist Church and the families of the students at Good Shepherd Baptist Church.

8. Understand and utilize the importance of fellowship between believers (both student and adult).

9. Leverage opportunities for families and students to be involved in ministry/service.

10. Fulfill these responsibilities in a manner that utilizes the unique strengths and gifts God has given the Associate Pastor.

11. Remain flexible, understanding that these responsibilities may change in different ministry seasons and stages of growth in the life of the church.


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Good Shepherd Baptist
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Scott Depot, West Virginia 25560


Good Shepherd Baptist
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Scott Depot,West Virginia
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Full Time
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Ordained position
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Not Exempt
Church Ministry