Pastor of Youth Ministries at Glendora Community Church
Glendora, CA 91741

I.                     JOB SUMMARY

The Pastor of Youth Ministries will develop and oversee ministry to GCC youth and their families. The priority of this ministry is to create an environment where youth can know Jesus more fully as they grow towards God on their faith journey.   The youth pastor will serve as a leader in the GCC congregation and will seek to integrate youth ministry into all phases of church life to create a culture that is intentionally intergenerational, striving to unite with and complement other church ministries.  The youth pastor will report directly to the senior pastor.

II.                   JOB DUTIES

A.      Youth Ministry

The Pastor of Youth Ministries will be the primary pastor and leader in the student ministry of GCC and will supervise any paid youth staff, volunteer staff, and interns.

a.       Ministry to Students of GCC and their Families

Plans, builds, and supervises a structured ministry to 6th - 12th graders and to the families of these students in the church.  This includes teaching, pastoral visitation, individual counseling, and discipleship training as well as social and spiritual growth activities.  Activities should include but are not limited to weekly programming, day trips, camps, and service and mission opportunities.

b.      Functional Duties

1.      Plans programming, trips, and events for students.

2.      Recruits, trains, and supervises a diverse youth staff (paid, volunteer, or interns)

3.      Prepares, monitors, and controls an annual youth budget

4.      Participates in denominational activities and networks with denominational leaders from other churches in our district

5.      Follows all current safety standards for working with youth as outlined in the policies of GCC

c.        Local and Global Outreach

Looks for and creates opportunities to reach out to local youth in our community.  Networks with other youth leaders in our community (schools, service organizations, DCFS, and other churches).  Leads students in serving the local and global communities through ministry opportunities and/or mission trips.

B.       Staff Collegiality and Service

As a pastor at Glendora Community Church, the Pastor of Youth Ministries is part of the team of leaders at GCC known as the Staff, which includes the pastors, interns, and office support staff.  The youth pastor actively participates in staff gatherings, ongoing discussions, and decisions.  Additional responsibilities may be assigned including occasional preaching or leading worship through prayer, announcements, etc.  The youth pastor is expected to be a support to ministries which are not necessarily youth in nature, such as mission lunches or Fall Fest.  Pastors are also asked to assist in Communion and special services for liturgical holidays.

These Pastoral Duties are understood as being “part of the Team of Leaders” as well as to model the ongoing work of Christ as He ministers to the whole church community through those with Pastoral Gifts.


A.      Position Qualifications

Education:  Bachelor’s Degree required

Experience:  Previous youth ministry experience required


1.       Is in basic agreement with the Articles of Faith as outlined in the Church of the Nazarene manual

2.      Agrees to live in accordance with the general rules as outlined in the Church of the Nazarene manual

3.      Has a good knowledge of Scripture and can creatively teach and apply biblical truths

4.      Loves youth and enjoys “hanging out” with them, playing goofy games, and having deep conversations

5.      Passionately loves Jesus and can share this love with youth

6.      Organized and completes tasks in a timely manner

7.      Has excellent communication skills, both oral and written

8.      Has good interpersonal communication skills, including the ability to resolve conflict in a healthy manner

9.      Is a helpful team player

B.       Level of Authority and Responsibility

Coordinates his or her own work under the supervision of the Senior Pastor while prioritizing tasks according to the work flow.  Follows prescribed policies and procedures.  Supervises youth staff, volunteers, and interns.

C.       Scope and Complexity of Job Duties

This position requires approximately 2-4 weeks of orientation, depending on experience.

Skills:  Problem-solving skills, a degree of independent judgment, and following prescribed methods and procedures.  Leadership, initiative, and administrative abilities.  Ability to balance a variety of tasks and demands, good computer skills, self-awareness, and interpersonal skills.

D.      Working Conditions

Mental Demands:  Passion for students, vision and commitment to help intentionally develop the spiritual climate of our youth.  Ability to understand and work with all students, pastoral staff, board members, and parents of students as needs arise.  Ability and desire to reach out to all students, especially those who are disenfranchised, culturally diverse, or have special needs.  Ability to learn procedures, retain information, and present oneself in a professional manner that reflects the goals and mission of Glendora Community Church.

Environment:  Office work is performed in an air-conditioned, well-lighted environment.  Youth activities may include exposure to varying climate conditions such as sun, rain, heat, cold, etc.  Periodic field trips will require travel to and from locations.

Physical Demands:  Intermittent standing, sitting, and walking.  Repetitive finger and wrist motions with computer usage.  Hearing and speaking demands.  Ability to lift, pull, grasp, bend to lower file drawers and reach to the top of file cabinets.  Able to conduct business and attend meetings in various locations.  Able to lift up to 20lbs. occasionally.

Visual Demands:  Computer monitor, reading

IV.                POSITION DETAILS

A.      Hours:  Permanent, Full-time position; 40 hours/week

B.      Variable Hours:  Hours may vary, depending on scheduled activities

C.      Regular Hours:  Sunday mornings and mid-week programs.  Designated office hours, plus additional hours as needed for specific activities and programs

D.     Attire:  Modest attire, appropriate for type of activity and/or service


Glendora Community Church
645 N Grand Ave
Glendora, California 91741-1984


Jenny Duke


Glendora, CA 91741
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
Salaried: Range $40k to $50K annually
Ordained position
Exempt status
Not Exempt
Working with Adolescents
Church Ministry