Applicant File Coordinator at Fuller Theological Seminary
135 N Oakland Ave., Pasadena, CA 91182

Brief Description:

The Applicant File Coordinator manages the day-to-day processing activities of the Office of Admissions, ensuring that daily, weekly, and quarterly operations related to application processing, file management, and financial aid packaging are organized and completed efficiently, accurately, professionally, and with an excellent level of customer service.

Under the guidance of the Assistant Director of Admissions, this position is responsible for preparing and tracking applications through the admissions process, including data entering and filing online applications and application pieces in a timely manner, directing completed files to the appropriate admissions committees for review, processing admission decisions, generating and transmitting official correspondence to applicants regarding changes to admissions statuses, and executing quarterly transfer, inactivation, and shredding processes that align with the priorities and goals of the Office of Admissions.

The Applicant and Student File Coordinator may also collaborate with part-time/work-study positions who assist with data entry and other processing functions.

Primary Responsibilities:

Coordination of Admissions processing operation; duties include:
Development – This position, in cooperation with other GRAMAR team members, must continually evaluate and improve existing systems with the goal of reducing the time it takes an applicant to receive status correspondence and a response/answer/decision. In addition, this position must continually evaluate internal procedures with the goal of improving systems for managing application data and files, developing strategies as necessary to address labor shortages, increased volume, or any other situations which may affect the office’s ability to maintain excellent customer service. Furthermore, in consultation with the Assistant Director of Admissions, this position may be called upon to envision and implement significant revisions in Fuller’s application systems and processes to improve the applicant and new student experience.
This position will coordinate the transition from a heavily paper-based application system to a primarily digital system
Documentation – All existing processes and any changes must be documented. The Applicant File Coordinator must assist in maintaining a system whereby the policy and procedures manual for the Office of Admissions is updated on a regular basis
Coordination of financial aid-related admissions processes
This position will coordinate the synchronization of admissions decision and financial aid award communications to new students
This position will track financial aid application submission and completion by admissions applicants and newly admitted and unconfirmed students, with the responsibility to facilitate the timely completion of financial aid applications by improving inter- and intra- departmental communication on the progress of admissions applicants through the financial aid application process
This position will provisionally calculate applicant GPAs to determine eligibility for financial aid awarding purposes.

Day-to-day functions:
Track and data enter admissions applications, transcripts, references, test scores, essays and written materials, petitions, and other application-related functions
Ensure that applications are prepared and made available for committee review in the appropriate formats and modalities
Data entry of admission decisions and admissions status changes and sending of related emails and letters
Perform applicant program/status-and term-changes
Execute quarterly and annual processes in order to ensure application and new student file materials and files are properly situated or disposed of
Ensure that database integrations related to application records are working correctly and resolve any errors

Additional Duties:
Assist GRAMAR colleagues regarding the status of applicant and new student files within the admissions and enrollment process
Interface with various campus office staff regarding applicant and new student issues
Monitor one-off communication with applicants and new students and recommend changes to the communication flow to ensure a smooth and clear applicant and student
Provide clear and accurate summary reports of applicant data to appropriate Fuller staff and committees as needed
Maintain appropriate confidentiality and protect applicant and new student information
Perform other duties to enrich the productivity of processing functions
General responsibilities as member of GRAMAR:

Partners with other members of GRAMAR team as needed and assigned to reach shared enrollment goals by delivering the highest level of service while creating the strongest sense of belonging to every student and learner at Fuller.
Other duties as assigned

Knowledge and Skills Required:

Bachelor’s Degree preferred
Minimum of two years of office experience preferred
Strong customer service orientation
Strong oral and written communication skills
Strong organizational and research skills
Word Processing/Database experience preferred
Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to interact pleasantly with individuals from many cultures
Ability to attend to several tasks at once
Higher education office experience and knowledge of graduate theological education preferred
Current or former Fuller student preferred
Proficiency in Spanish or Korean language preferred
Willingness to be a team player in an interdependent staff environment


Fuller Theological Seminary
135 N Oakland Ave
Pasadena, California 91101


Joel Short


135 N Oakland Ave., Pasadena, CA 91182
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
Ordained position
Exempt status
Not Exempt
Educational Services