Student Pastor at Freedom Church Cincinnati
Sharnoville, Ohio

Freedom Church is a friendly, welcoming, and active congregation doctrinally definitive and conservative in our faith yet contemporary in flavor. Set just North of Cincinnati, Ohio we are a congregation of over 300 people we have been strategically placed in Sharonville, Ohio less than 20 minutes from Downtown. Freedom is known for its Biblical teaching, its enjoyment of multi-generational body life, its emphasis on lay ministry and its excitement for 'what's next in God's plan for us'.

We are looking for a person called by God to prayerfully and strategically lead and shepherd 6-12 students and volunteers while coming alongside parents in their efforts to disciple their own children.


The Student Pastor Excels At:

Personal Discipleship

Ministry Integration

Leadership Development of Volunteers & Students


Programming & Events

Proficient in Computer Skills & Social Media

Ability to Teach God’s Word



The Ideal Candidate's Competency:

-The rare combo of youth ministry with some ability in music ministry. IE: play, sing, sound tech, live stream. But, youth is the emphasis of this position

-Sports minded and musical abilities are a bonus for us.

-Will have a noticeable commitment to Christ as well as a commitment to furthering his/her own spiritual growth.

-Experience in youth ministry is preferred, but not required. We are open to God’s leading in this area.

-The Student Pastor will preferably hold a bachelor’s degree or Higher.

-The ability to work efficiently and effectively in team situations, as well as the ability to work independently.

-Leadership and organizational skills.

-The ability to coordinate several activities at once and to quickly analyze and problem solve.

-Have the basic understanding of the maturity levels and characteristics of teens and the challenges they face today. Be creative, have a passion and heartfelt concern for students.

-Be energetic, hard-working, and possess the ability to motivate others.

-Sports & music background is always a benefit in student ministry.

-Valid Driver's License.


The Ideal Candidate's Chemistry (Fit):

Would be gifted in leadership and teaching with a passion for evangelism and discipleship. Relational, approachable and collaborative leader with the ability to work with a broad spectrum of ages (students/staff/parents). Works well within a team environment. Thrives in an environment that is elder led. Strong walk with God demonstrated in commitment to spiritual disciplines and servant leadership.


Salary & Benefits will be discussed upon interview but could include a parsonage and retirement.


*If music is your first gift, and you also have a passion or gift in working with youth, call me! Or if youth is your strength, but music is not and you think you would be a good fit, call me! Our former youth leader moved out of state, and our music leader moved on from his position with us, but both ministries are still in great shape. We are just searching for the right person that God has to keep our ministries moving forward for God’s work. Let’s go!


Contact to apply and if interested in further information:

Pastor Rob White

[email protected]



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Freedom Church Cincinnati
3755 Cornell Rd
Sharnoville, Ohio 45241


Freedom Church Cincinnati
[email protected]



Sharnoville, Ohio
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Full Time
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Ordained position
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Not Exempt
Church Ministry