Executive/Research Assistant at Forum of Christian Leaders

What is the Forum of Christian Leaders?

The Forum of Christian Leaders (FOCL) exists to unite, equip, and resource global evangelical leaders toward the end of world evangelism and the renewal of the biblical church. Our ministry is primarily focused on Europe and consists of the following four quadrants:

  • European Leadership Forum Annual Meeting: A yearly, weeklong gathering of 700 evangelical leaders from over 50 countries; held each year in Wis?a, Poland
  • Forum Initiatives: Spiritual and leadership development opportunities that provide intensive, specialized training for small groups of evangelical leaders
  • Forum Movement: Local and regional events organized by European Leadership Forum participants that provide training and outreach throughout Europe in native languages (Example: Eastern European Leadership Forum)
  • Forum Global: Strategies that share the European church’s leadership lessons with the global church, includes online media library and free webinars (Example: FOCL Online Resources)

Why Europe?

Many still view Europe through the lens of its Christian past. However, less than 2% of today’s Europeans identify as evangelicals while nearly 18% are atheists or agnostics. European Christian leaders are often overwhelmed and isolated. We aim to serve and encourage these leaders as they seek to be faithful to their callings.

Moreover, we recognize that Europe has enjoyed unique influence on the international stage. Many movements have European origins, including the Renaissance, the Scientific Revolution, and Postmodernism. These ideologies have shaped modern cultures, sparked global conflicts, and informed generations of leaders. We believe that to invest in Europe is to invest in the world.

Why work for FOCL?

  • Serve evangelical leaders from across the world: FOCL employees connect, train, and encourage brothers and sisters from all over the globe.
  • Develop a wide range of skills: Because FOCL is a small organization, employees “wear many different hats” and therefore have the opportunity to develop skills in a way they wouldn’t in a more traditional, strictly departmental work environment.
  • Travel to Europe: All full-time employees travel to Poland each May to facilitate the European Leadership Forum. Many take advantage of the opportunity for personal European travel following the event.
  • Join a close-knit team of fellow believers: The FOCL team is small and committed to loving and supporting one another in ways related to both work and life outside of the office.
  • Grow your faith: FOCL’s work naturally provides opportunity for one-on-one and small group discussion of God and faith.

What does the Executive/Research Assistant do?

The Executive/Research Assistant is an entry-level position. This unique role is dual-faceted. It includes traditional executive admin responsibilities such as:

  • Maintaining the President’s calendar
  •   Taking meeting notes for the President
  • Coordinating board and steering committee meetings
  •  Assisting the President with correspondence
  • Scheduling the President’s travel
  • Processing the President’s expense reports

But unlike a traditional executive admin role, it consists of significant academically-inclined duties. These include:

  • Conducting background research for the President’s articles and presentations
  • Reviewing existing articles for grammatical and citation issues; reformatting as needed for easier readability and wider distribution potential
  • Generating new written materials and presentations
  • Preparing handouts, presentation scripts, and PowerPoint presentations for the President’s talks

Other tasks and projects will be assigned at the discretion of the President. (Read more HERE.)

Who makes a good Executive/Research Assistant?

Applicants must possess a bachelor's degree in any field and should be:

  • Warm, clear, and professional in written and verbal communication
  • Interpersonally intelligent, with the ability to understand and build relationships with a wide variety of personalities
  • Highly organized and attentive to detail
  • Adept at systematizing a large volume of information
  • Able to multi-task and work successfully in a dynamic environment characterized by constant change
  • Comfortable in a background/support role
  • Competent in basic office software (Microsoft Office Suite and Google Drive)
  • Committed to serving as a team player and (if/when able) willing to assist coworkers with projects outside of the scope of assigned responsibilities

The following are strongly preferred but are not disqualifiers:

  • Education or experience in any of the following fields Biblical studies/theology, English/communications, or international/intercultural studies
  • Prior work experience in research, writing, and/or editing
  • Prior administrative experience

What are the compensation and benefits?

The Executive/Research Assistant is an entry-level full-time, salaried position. Starting compensation will be based on skill level and experience. All FOCL employees travel to Europe (at FOCL’s expense) each May to administrate ELF's annual meeting. Following the event, all employees are given a week of paid vacation during which they are encouraged to tour Europe (though at their own expense). In addition, all full-time employees start out with two additional weeks of paid vacation, along with nine paid holidays. FOCL offers health (medical, dental and vision) and life insurance benefits to all full-time employees.

Where is the job located?

This is a remote position with first preference given to residents of IL. The following states are of secondary preference: AZ, FL, GA, IN, KS, MI, OK, TN, VA, and WA.

How do I apply?

If you are interested in being considered for this position, please submit the following via THIS FORM:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Completed Application (PDF or Word)
  • two writing samples*

Please note that applications must be complete and submitted through the form above to be considered.

*If possible, please provide one sample that is formal/academic in nature and another that showcases your storytelling abilities. If you do not have writing samples that fit these qualifications, please submit two pieces that best reflect the range of your writing proficiency and style.

Contact us at hr@euroleadership.org with any questions.


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