Director of Family Life and Missions at First United Methodist Church Stanton
Stanton, TX

The primary responsibility of the Director of Family Life and Missions is to help children, youth and families affiliated with First United Methodist Church of Stanton, Texas, to become fully formed disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of their world. The director will model personal and public faith in Jesus Christ as s/he oversees the spiritual formation and ministry of the Assistant Director, Family Life Team members, and FUMC Stanton constituents. The Director will facilitate current ministry programs and work with staff and volunteers to develop new ministries with families to the Stanton community. Further, the Director will work with church committees to select, develop, and coordinate projects for churchwide participation in missions and evangelism.

The Director is expected to invest his/her time and talents in: establishing relationships with children, youth, and families (30%), teaching (25%), developing safe, age-appropriate environments for Christian education (25%), communicating with constituents through technology/social media (10%), and developing personal spiritual formation and leadership skills (10%).

Ministry Priorities
Direct multiple weekly Christian discipleship programs for the nurture, out-reach, and witness of children (Pre-K to 5th), and youth (6th to 12th);
Participate in the life of the church in both weekly activities & annual events;
Develop new relationships with children, youth, & families in the community who are unreached by the Gospel and/or unaffiliated with the congregation;
Recruit and mentor children, youth, and Family Life Team members in their personal faith in Jesus Christ, growth in discipleship, and leadership skills.

Passionate about observable commitment to the values, teaching, and mission of Jesus Christ, and alignment with the theological values of FUMC Stanton;
Compassion and vision for ministry with infants, children, youth & families;
Professional quality skills in communication, team building, & technology;
Personal relationship skills that result in effective ministry with volunteers, staff members, and diverse individuals in the congregation and community;
3+ Years of staff experience of 5+ years of volunteer experience in ministry;
Formal education or background in teaching/education (such as a Bachelor's degree in ministry or education field) is preferred, but not required

To Apply
Submit resume and pertinent documents to the church Office Administrator (


First United Methodist Church Stanton
208 E St Anna P.O BOX 1193
Stanton, Texas 79782


Briana Ellison


Stanton, TX
Job type
Full Time
Full Time
Pay rate
$64,900 Salary Package
Ordained position
Exempt status
Working with Adolescents
Working with Children
Church Ministry