Director of Children and Youth Ministries at First United Methodist Church of Riverside
Riverside, Ca. 92506

Position:                  Director of Children and Youth Ministries


Objective:                Provide an atmosphere where God’s love is abundant and share

this message through Christian Education programs.  Develop

venues where children and youth feel connected, communicate, and

come together to experience God’s love.


Qualifications:        Have a college degree.  Seminarians and Christian University

students with Christian Education major are highly encouraged

to apply.  Must have a strong calling to educational ministry.  Some

teaching experience is preferred in a local church setting.  Be open

to gaining an understanding of Methodism.


Responsibilities:     Oversee all classrooms to make sure they are attractive, eye-

catching and comfortable for learning to take place.

Supervise the Nursery Coordinators.

Recruit Church School teachers.

Provide training for teachers, as needed.

Provide all materials (lessons, supplies and equipment) necessary

for each classroom.  Coordinate curriculum with pastor.

Manage bulletin boards, kiosk, display case, church bulletin notes and

Messenger news, as related to children and youth ministries.

Serve as a board member of First United Methodist Church

Preschool (FUMPS).

Communicate regularly with Pastor, fellow staff members and

members of the First United Methodist Church congregation.

Organize and run the Vacation Bible School.

Attend collaborative meetings.

Oversee Parents’ Morning out.

Organize Child Care personnel


.Commitment:          15 hours per week



Annual Salary:          $25,500


First United Methodist Church of Riverside
4845 Brockton Ave
Riverside, California 92506


Greg Laird, SPRC chairperson


Riverside, Ca. 92506
Job type
Part Time
Pay rate
$25,500 annual salary
Ordained position
Exempt status
Not Exempt
Creative Thinking
Personal Interaction
Working with Children
Church Ministry