Youth Coordinator at First Free Methodist Church Seattle
Seattle, WA 98119

Job Title:           Youth Coordinator

Salary Basis:    Hourly, Half-Time

Approved by:  Leadership Team


Job Summary:

The Youth Coordinator empowers middle school and high school students through vital relationships and faith-formation to be who God made them to be as life-long followers of Christ.


Reports to:                     Pastor of Family Life

Functional Guidance: Pastoral Team


Essential Functions:

·       In partnership with the Pastor of Family Life, implement a transformational discipleship system for students in middle and high school.

·       Build effective and appropriate relationships with youth inside and outside the church to create a safe space for engagement.

·       Implement systems for peer-based learning and transformation amount middle and high school students.

·       Create and connect opportunities for young people to be engaged in every aspect of the church’s life ensuring an intergenerational connection.

·       Plan and execute community building outreach events which reach new middle school and high school students across the region.

·       Create, in partnership with the Pastor of Emerging Communities, digital spaces where middle and high school students can gather with appropriate guidelines and oversight.

·       Empower, in partnership with the Pastor of Mission and Ministry, students to use their gifts, talents, and skills to serve in the life of the church and/or the community at large.

·       In partnership with the Pastor of Family Life, recruit, and train dynamic youth workers who have capacity to develop others.

·       Implement frequent gatherings of the youth ministry to deepen faith-formation, biblical knowledge, and life skills.



1.      Prior experience working with children, middle school students, or high school students.

2.      Degree in Ministry, Child/Family Systems, or related field or commensurate experience.

3.      A call to serve youth in the Church and the community.

4.      Attend weekly staff meetings, coaching sessions, or other operational meetings.


Roles & Relationships:

1.      Works as a member of the Family Life Team with Children’s Coordinator and Pastor of Family Life.

2.      Builds relationships with youth organizations in the community.



First Free Methodist Church Seattle
3200 3rd Ave. W.
Seattle, Washington 98119


Stephanie Simmons
[email protected]


Seattle, WA 98119
Job type
Part Time
Pay rate
Ordained position
Exempt status
Next Gen Ministry
Working with Adolescents
Church Ministry