English Congregation Pastor at First Chinese Baptist Church of Dallas
Dallas, TX 75252

Position Summary
First Chinese Baptist Church of Dallas is seeking a full-time English Congregation Pastor. The church has 4 minister positions - Mandarin & Cantonese Congregation Pastor, Youth Pastor, Children's Minister, and English Congregation Pastor.

The English Pastor is responsible for

  • Presenting the English worship services and sermons,
  • Outreach to visitors and home-bound members,
  • Providing Biblical counseling to those seeking guidance or comfort (collaboration with other ministers)
  • Providing direction and oversight of English congregation community groups
  • Joining the weekly staff meeting with the other ministers

Current English Ministry is setup with a core team whose responsibilities includes planning annual congregational events, outreach planning, worship organization and scheduling, discipleship training, Adult Sunday School, and Community groups. The English pastor's role as the leader of the English Ministry Core Team is to use the core team to meet the goals of the English ministry and enlist volunteers to encourage growth and involvement in the church. The pastor has the discretion to change the responsibilities and make up of the core team. The core team's purpose to help the pastor in the mission of the church.


1. Have a deep sense of being called by the Lord to the ministry.
2. Graduated from an evangelical seminary.
3. Must be people oriented, a team player (zost.
4. Must be a feeder and leader.
5. Be proficient in using multimedia, social media and podcasting.
6. Adhere to Baptist convictions and in total agreement of the Constitution and By-laws of FCBCD.
7. Prefer: Chinese American or having experience working with Chinese Americans.


Duties and Responsibilities:
1. To uphold and adhere to the Biblical doctrines, Theological Positions, Church Policies, Constitution and Bylaws subscribed to at the First Chinese Baptist Church of Dallas.
2. To guide the English congregation ministry: define, communicates, and implements its purpose, vision, and strategy.
3. To share the Gospel faithfully and consistently, and encourage the Church to be active in local Evangelism and Missions.
4. To visit members and non-members of the English congregation and the community at large.
5. To provide spiritual comfort, encouragement and counsel to those who are in need and or desire of such services.
6. To coordinate the enlisting, discipling, training, and motivating of members to serve in church wide ministry.
7. To instill spiritual willingness on the part of believers to worship, to pray, to give, to serve and to maintain daily devotion to the Lord.
8. To coordinate an overall curriculum plan for the church, leading to properly sequenced, balanced, and comprehensive Christian education.
9. To preach in English worship and guide the English fellowship.
10. To conduct workshops, discipleship training and mission activities.


Education Duties and Responsibilities:
1.To faithfully teach the truth of God in different occasions like, Sunday School, Bible Studies, Retreats, Seminars, Workshops as designated by the church.
2.To develop members in leading, administering, ministering and communicating through a structured plan on daily devotion, Bible reading seminars and other conferences.


Administration Duties and Responsibilities:
1. To participate in preparing the annual budget and administer that budget as approved by the church board.
2. To mentor interns and volunteer staff.
3. To represent English ministry on the Church Board and with other church group as called upon.
4. Network with other church minister in the community.
5. To support English congregation.
6. To develop plans and strategies to meet the goals set by all ministers and or the Church Board. There will be an annual review with assigned deacons to discuss the progress of ministries.
7. To attend the weekly staff meeting.
8. To maintain around 30 hours in Church office and the remaining balance for visitation and Church related ministries. The work week consists of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.


First Chinese Baptist Church of Dallas
17817 Hillcrest Rd
Dallas, Texas 75252


Zhida Zhu



Dallas, TX 75252
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
35,000-60,000 DOE
Ordained position
Exempt status
Handling Complaints
Church Ministry