Pastor at First Baptist Church of Torrington Wyoming
Torrington, Wyoming

Job Description Of the Pastor of FBC Torrington


Key Areas of Needed Support: Church Outreach, Evangelism, and Membership Growth



Also, the Minister shall work in cooperation with the Diaconate Board and appropriate individuals to minister to the needs of the church and its community in the areas listed below:


Corporate Worship:

Plan and facilitate worship services in conjunction with the Diaconate
Coordinate all elements of worship with sermon themes/holidays
Plan the communion services with the Diaconate
Plan the music and worship for all programs with the Music Committee


Christian Education

Work with the Christian Education Committee in the educational ministries of the church.
Teach Bibles Studies and other Christian Education classes on a weekly/regular basis.


Pastoral Care and Counseling

Minister to the spiritual, emotional and physical needs of the congregation and, to the extent possible, to community members
Assist and counsel individuals who choose Christ as their Savior and seek baptism.
Assist individuals who desire to join the church, instructing them in the history and practice of the Baptist Church
Counsel individuals regarding personal concerns such as marriage, divorce, grievances, etc.



Develop a visitation program for congregational members.


Supervision of Staff

Supervise and advise all members of the church staff
Coordinate weekly/monthly/yearly events and set the calendar


Christian Outreach and Missions

Develop and discuss with the church various methods to share the mission and purpose of the church and to help attract prospective members


Work with Boards and Committees In:

Establishing office hours and vacation schedule for the Minister
Providing a verbal report of all actives related above in monthly board meetings and at the quarterly business meetings.
Providing written quarterly and annual reports to be submitted to the church clerk.
Acting as a resource person for the various boards and committees
Meeting with the boards, committees and the pastor/congregational relationship committee


Cooperation with the ABCRM (American Baptist Churches of the Rocky Mountains)

Develop and maintain a working relationship with ABCRM staff, utilizing them as resources in the ministry of the church
Be award of opportunities for the church to serve and support in broader mission


The Minister shall meet with the pastoral relations committee biannually or more frequently if there is an issue submitted in writing to the pastoral relations committee that must be addressed.


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First Baptist Church of Torrington Wyoming
2241 Main Street
Torrington, Wyoming 82240


First Baptist Church of Torrington Wyoming
(307) 338-0137
[email protected]



Torrington, Wyoming
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
Ordained position
Exempt status
Not Exempt
Church Ministry