Director of Children and Family Ministries at First Baptist Church Greeneville
Greeneville, Tennessee

Job Description

Director of Children and Family Ministries


Principle Function: The position of Director of Children and Family Ministries has as its primary purpose the development of a comprehensive plan to minister to the children of First Baptist Church and their families.


General Functions:

Pursues current and latest preschool/children’s methods and procedures through personal study and education and training as related to preschool, children and family ministry.
Serves on the preschool and children’s committees as an ex-officio member and as a resource person.
Develop a plan to have ongoing, authentic relationships with parents enabling effective ministry.
Serve as the direct supervisor of the Director of Mother’s Day out.
Responsible to the Senior Pastor.
Works in cooperation with and supports other staff members in planning, scheduling, and developing the ministries of FBC.
Supports the Baptist Faith and Message 2000 and the Cooperative Program.
Assists in the daily functions of FBC.
Attends all scheduled staff meetings.
Displays a spirit of Christian love, fellowship and harmony in all associations with the pastor, staff and the congregation.
Participates in visitation and other ministerial opportunities as directed by the Pastor.



A. Sunday School and Preschool Extended Session

Work with the Minister of Education to: a) Enlist Preschool and Children’s Division Directors through the Nominating Committee and assist the Division Directors in enlisting teachers. b) Provide regular and systematic training for teachers. c) Assure that the necessary literature, visual aids, equipment, resource persons, and other materials are obtained and available to teachers as needed.
Provide encouragement and guidance for teachers in the preschool and children's departments.
Plan, promote, supervise and evaluate the activities that will enhance the effectiveness of the preschool, children’s and family ministry.
Through planning with Children’s Sunday school Directors, Children’s Sixth grade Sunday school teachers, and youth minister, oversee a “Preteen” Program for students in the sixth grade.
Responsible for planning, preparation and leading of extended session preschool worship.
Overall supervision of extended session teaching including the selecting of suitable materials, training and scheduling for each age level.


B. Mission & Outreach Programs

Oversee VBS in planning, scheduling, enlisting and training teachers and follow-up.
Work with Women’s Missionary Union Director in planning and promoting RA’s, GA’s and Mission Friends.
Oversee children’s discipleship and community outreach programs


C. Spiritual Discipleship and Training

Assist teachers in planning individual programs and provide opportunities for spiritual growth and teaching development.
Plan and promote a year-round preschool/children’s program for both social and spiritual growth that could include such activities as: day camps, special Bible study, family retreats, fellowships, recreational activities, summer discipleship training, etc.
Provide training for children who make professions of faith (ex. Children’s New Member class).
Provide social, spiritual and parental support activities for “preteens” to prepare this group to enter the Youth Program.


D. Other Responsibilities

Keep parents informed about educational programs and other events for preschoolers and children. Examples might include newsletters, quarterly parent meetings, etc.
Assist Church Librarian in promoting and maintaining the existing preschool/children’s library.
Prepare and submit an annual budget request for preschool and children’s program activities to the Finance Committee and administer it.
Ensure that childcare is made available for all church services and other special events as deemed necessary by interviewing, screening and training for volunteers and paid staff.
Comply with FBC Greeneville safety/security protocol and implement upgrades as necessary in conjunction with the security committee.

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First Baptist Church Greeneville
211 N Main St
Greeneville, Tennessee 37745


First Baptist Church Greeneville
+1 423-639-3194
[email protected]


Greeneville, Tennessee
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
Ordained position
Exempt status
Not Exempt
Church Ministry