Youth Pastor at Fellowship Church
Poplar Bluff, Missouri

The Youth Pastor will be responsible for oversight of all students, their parents, and volunteers while striving toward sustaining a healthy, life-transforming ministry. This individual will be expected to develop the spiritual growth of students in a way that reflects the overall mission of Fellowship Church. The successful candidate will maintain strong relationships with students, young adults, and ministry colleagues.


The successful candidate will possess the following skills and experiences, among others:


Be a follower of Christ, committed to the youth ministry and the overall mission of Fellowship Church.
Be experienced in ministering to youth and have a passion to evangelize and disciple them.
Be able to articulate a discipleship strategy for youth the youth ministry.
Be able to teach in a context that resonates with youth.
Portray a deep level of humility.
Be prayerful in all things.
Demonstrate spiritual maturity with a consistent devotional life.
Be highly teachable and receptive to feedback.
Build relationships and rapport with other leaders in ministry.
Create an environment of warmth and openness in ministry.
Be committed to the mission of Fellowship Church.


Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications plus benefits.


All resumes should be sent to [email protected]


A detailed job description located below-




Job Description

Associate Pastor

Youth Ministry



Youth Ministries (Grades 7-12)

The Associate Pastor will have direct responsibility for all youth ministries.
The Associate Pastor shall enlist and train lay youth workers.
The Associate Pastor will organize and implement the goals and programs of the youth ministry in consultation with youth workers.
The Associate Pastor shall promote and subsidize youth involvement in the area and denominational camping programs.
The Associate Pastor shall represent Fellowship Church at associational / denominational youth meetings and encourage youth involvement.
Youth assignments include the following:
Planning, leading, and maintaining weekly youth group programs (Wednesday evening and Sunday morning)
creating, directing, equipping outreach programs
fulfilling pastoral care and discipleship among the youth and their families
planning and directing group activities, special programs, ministries, etc
building relationships with and among the young people
developing and equipping youth for leadership
developing and equipping youth for ministries
The Associate Pastor shall establish healthy working relationships with both the Children’s Minister and the Discipleship Pastor to ensure the unity of our Family Ministries.
The Associate Pastor shall participate in and provide leadership for the ongoing discipleship ministries of the church (Small groups, Family Training, etc…)

General Duties

The Associate Pastor will maintain regular office hours in cooperation with pastoral staff.
The Associate Pastor will share church leadership when the Senior Pastor is away for meetings, vacations, etc.
The Associate Pastor will perform some of the general pastoral ministries of the church (teaching, counseling, visitation, etc.)


A Christian with deep spiritual and moral convictions
Agreement with the doctrinal position of Fellowship General Baptist Church and willing to join said church upon hiring.
Formal education / training in youth ministries plus experience
Abilities to lead, organize, supervise, teach, and counsel


To the congregation
Reporting to the church council
Advisements through the deacons
The Pastoral Advisory Board for evaluation
To the Senior Pastor on a day-to-day basis. The Associate Pastor shall keep the Senior Pastor informed of objectives, programs and work schedules by means of regular staff meetings.

Salary and Benefits

The Associate Pastor shall receive time for an annual vacation with pay.
1-5 years of service:                2 weeks vacation
6-10 years of service:              3 weeks vacation
11 or more years of service:     4 weeks vacation
The Associate Pastor shall receive two days personal time per week. This will be coordinated with the other pastoral staff.
The salary and benefits package will include salary, health insurance, retirement, and mileage allowance. Other benefits are negotiable.



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Fellowship Church
3581 N Westwood Blvd
Poplar Bluff, Missouri 63901


Fellowship Church
+1 573-785-6981
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Poplar Bluff, Missouri
Job type
Full Time
Pay rate
Ordained position
Exempt status
Not Exempt
Working with Adolescents
Church Ministry