Family Minister at FBC Venice
Venice, Florida

First Baptist Church of Venice and The Lakefront Church

Family Ministry, Children, Parents and Small Groups

Current Opening March 2022




Purpose of Position:  The family minister will, in the spirit of Ephesians 4:12, equip the flock to live the gospel out in their homes and interactions throughout the week. This is ministry, aimed not at children or young people, but aimed at helping strengthen marriages, parenting, and family discipleship to include home groups. The ministry will promote the unity of one church in multiple locations by developing family ministry across First Baptist Church Venice that align with the organization’s vision, mission, and values including agreement with “The Baptist Faith and Message” as adopted by the Southern Baptist Convention on June 14, 2000. This is a full-time position to lead and shepherd children, their parents and young adults and families to become healthy, balanced, lifelong followers of Jesus Christ. To develop a spirit of fellowship and a heart of service to our Lord and the community to include vibrant small (home) group activity. To equip and encourage families. This person will be high energy with the ability to energize, empower, and educate others and execute the deliverables of the position.


Responsible for:  Strengthening First Baptist Church Venice and The Lakefront Church with a strong Family Ministry. Pouring into younger families with emphasis on discipleship, parenting, and structuring ministry to fortify the family unit by looking at the “larger story” involving children and parents together in activities with prominence toward building the family unit, by presenting God’s Word in a creative, compelling, relative, appropriate manner and creating environments that will lead them to know the truth of God and His Word. To grow together in community and go out to serve in the church and community. This position must not only minister to children and their parents, but also to lead adult volunteers and equip them for the work of the ministry. Family Ministry will be lead position in developing small home group ministry. Development of the Family Ministry calendar and budget for all Family Ministry at the church that requires collaboration.


Oversees: All Family and Children’s Ministry programs, serving with, summer and winter camps, mission trips, outreach, parent meetings, adult volunteer training, equipping, serving, counseling for parents, and small home group activities.


Reports to: Senior Pastor, and supports him in the accomplishment of the church’s vision and mission for the glory of God


Peers with: Youth and sports minister; other pastors and staff.


Character: Elder qualified as per 1 Timothy: 3 and Titus 1; vital growing relationship with Christ; Shows a genuine love for the children and families of First Baptist  and The Lakefront Church; has a passion for reaching more families for Christ in the surrounding area of Venice; loyalty to Pastor and staff (not one to cause division); shows love for all people of the church, not just specific area of ministry, is a pastor to the church first and has a specific area of ministry second.


Chemistry: Biblical philosophy of ministry in sync with the vision and model of First Baptist Church Venice; agreement with “The Southern Baptist Statement of Faith and Message” able to function well with senior pastor; seeks wisdom, counsel, and advice from those around, pastors, deacons, leadership team, staff, adult volunteers; takes suggestions well; takes feedback well. This is a highly relational ministry and thus priority must be placed on building healthy relationships with children, their parents, and volunteers.


Competence Required: This position requires experience as a staff member in children’s ministry or a related field. Bachelor’s degree in biblical studies, or related field. Strong leader with solid work ethic, self-starter with a passion for teaching and leading other’s ability to administrate and operate as a department head. Working knowledge of contemporary creative programing, technically sound and up to date with systems beneficial to the church. Able to use God’s Word in everyday life and give children and families a workable, visual plan for growth towards a relationship with their parents and with Jesus Christ; able to cast vision, recruit, equip volunteer workers and leaders (a leader of leaders); proven discipler/spiritual mentor of others; lifelong learner; effective oral and written communicator, demonstrated administrative skills; ability to preach to full congregation as scheduled or needed.


Communicated Desire: Must sense a call by God to the position; have a desire and passion to fulfill position requirements.


Position Requires: A passionate heart, strategic mind, and driving force behind the discipleship of FBC Venice’s children, and families. In collaboration with the Senior Pastor, staff, and key volunteers, the family minister will be responsible for developing, implementing, leading, and refining a comprehensive discipleship strategy for our families. Membership to First Baptist Church Venice; a commitment to tithe at First Baptist Church Venice. This is a full-time position.


Primary Responsibilities:


1.       Family Ministry


•     Provide pastoral, strategic, and organizational leadership, coordination, training and support

•     To recruit volunteers to support the ministry.

•     Plan with lens on family.

•     Participate in community, school events involving elementary middle, high school and college studentsand their parents in conjunction with youth ministry.

•     Timely follow up with new attenders.

•     Ministry accessible to parents as a sounding board, provide prayer and counsel when and where needed.

•     Garner resources that show church ministry is not just “caretaking” but the glue that will hold families together. Parents involvement will reduce stress in family.

•     Plan events on regular basis that are engaging not only to church family, but those in the community.

•     Increase the number of children and parents in Worship Service and Connection Classes.

•     Parenting and marriage workshops at minimum twice each year.

•     Be present in the Church Worship Services and lead their family to also be involved in the life and ministries of First Baptist and The Lakefront Church.

•     Plan, prepare and preach/teach/lead the main Family meetings.

•     Develop and follow 7-year plan as to what is wanted as children leave group.

•     Build relationships with children and families, lead group discussions.

•     Provide a safe, comfortable, and exciting environment that children are excited to invite others into, coordinate protocols that protect the physical, spiritual and emotional well-being of students.

•     Serve in the vital role in the church’s sports ministry program. This may include alignment with church’s outreach strategy.

•     Ensure Worship leader and team are prepared for group time.

•     Lessons, handouts and media are prepared and ready to go.

•     Recreation equipment, snack shop, sign in area, set out.

•     Plan, prepare and lead small group meetings during week.

•     Remind children of upcoming activities. Have monthly activities planned which encourage fellowship, discipleship and service.

•     Plan camps, retreats, and mission trips.

•     Discipleship with students.


2.   Young Adult Ministry


•     Focus on this group to provide volunteers serving in family ministry.

•     Plan, prepare and preach/teach/lead the main young adult group meetings.

•     Build relationships with young adults and lead group discussions.

•     Lessons, handouts and media are prepared and ready to go.

•     Have resources ready as needed.

•     Plan, prepare and lead small group meetings during week.

•     Have monthly activities planned which encourage fellowship, discipleship and service.

•     Discipleship with Young adults.


3.  Collaborate with the Youth/ Sports Ministry


•     Encourage and assist with “big picture planning (activities Easter, Christmas programs, recruiting, training and shepherding)

•     Create and maintain an integrated NextGen Ministry for students,


4 Connections Ministry


•    Visitor Package at information area, have people to man this area, follow up during the week with emails and phone calls to visitors.


5 Local Outreach


•     Work with Deacons and small groups to coordinate local outreach, keep ministry visible and active.

•     Offer compelling programing to draw in community.


6 Other duties as assigned


•     Stay flexible this is a fluid environment.






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FBC Venice
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Venice, Florida
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Full Time
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