Director of Young People’s Ministry at Father Dyer United Methodist Church
Breckenridge, CO 80424

Father Dyer United Methodist Church
Young Peoples’ Ministry Director

Mission: To help people 18 years old and under, along with their households, develop their own understandings and expression of the faith of Jesus Christ.

Vision: That the children and youth of Father Dyer Church, along with the children and youth of Summit County, will know and live out that they are beloved children of God.

General Description
Leads the ministries of the church that are impactful for teenagers, children, their households, and their communities.

Supervision: Position reports to the Pastor, with oversight by the Staff-Parish Relationship Committee.

Leadership: Is a part of and responsible for leading and supervising the Children’s Ministry Team, which is composed of the Children’s Ministry Leader and the Nursery Attendant.

Collaboration: Works closely with teens, children, parents, guardians, and other church staff.

Weekly tasks:
-Organize and lead, along with Children’s Ministry Leader, Sunday morning activities and learning experiences for children.
-Organize and lead Sunday evening activities and learning experiences for youth.

Special annual tasks:
-Organize and lead Vacation Bible School for children each summer, including recruiting and organizing volunteers. Length of 3-5 days.
-Organize and lead a youth summer learning trip, international or domestic, including recruiting and organizing volunteers to go on the trip. Length of 1-2 weeks.

Essential Job Functions
- Coordinate with teachers, parents and/or volunteers in connection with Sunday school, other youth programs and activities.
- Maintain attendance records for programs, activities.
- Develop, maintain mature, positive relationship with young people, parents.
- Supervise youth participation in fund raising events for youth trips.
- Assist, enforce Safe Sanctuary policies.
- Advertise, advocate Church to young people, families, the community.
- Provide young people centered content for church media.
- Document and account for expenses for young people’s ministries.
- Understand and work within the ministry budget.

Physical Environment
- Some tasks may be performed remotely.

Updated August 2021
Necessary skills
- Evidence of mature Christian faith.
- Ability to communicate clearly, courteously, and effectively with young people, parents, staff, and congregation.
- Creative energy and initiative to create programming and connect with families.
- Media skills necessary to maintain communications with young people and adults.
- Organizational skill necessary to plan, implement, and report on activities.
- Ability to earn respect, friendship of young people while maintaining a professional stance.
- Willingness to appear before church gatherings, such as worship services, to announce or report on young people’s activities.

- 30 hours per week averaged across the year, expected to generally be split evenly between children and youth.
- Required hours: Sundays, 8-10am, for worship service and children’s activities.
- Other hours are flexible with the possibility of some work to be done remotely.
- Times devoted to each duty will vary by week.
- Required supervisory meeting with the pastor once every two weeks.

Continuing Education
- A minimum of 15 contact hours of continuing education are required each year.
- Continuing education to be documented.
- To be paid for out of the annual expense account.
- Continuing education plans and experiences should be shared with the Pastor and the SPRC.

-$50,000 annually.
-$5,000 annual expense account to be used for training, professional expenses, and relationship building.
-2 weeks of paid time off allowed each year with prior coordination with the Pastor and SPRC.

This position is subject to a pre-employment and annual criminal history background check.

To apply, please email a resume and cover letter to:
Rev. Calob Rundell, pastor, Father Dyer United Methodist Church


Father Dyer United Methodist Church
PO Box 383 310 Wellington Road
Breckenridge, Colorado 80424


Calob Rundell


Breckenridge, CO 80424
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Part Time
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Ordained position
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