Pastor of Youth and Family Ministry at Farmersville First Baptist Church Ohio

In Acts 16, the Apostle Paul was forbidden by the Holy Spirit to go into Asia, and then redirected by a vision containing a man from Macedonia pleading for help.


As it pertains to Youth and Family Ministry at present, Farmersville First Baptist Church Ohio, and the people of Macedonia have a lot in common. We aren’t too proud to admit that we need help!


As such, we are seeking a full-time Pastor of Youth and Family Ministry who would also serve as an Associate to the Senior Pastor in a limited capacity. Starting salary and benefits package is negotiable ranging from $40-$60K.


We are a well-established church on the post-pandemic rebound, searching for a man of God with a vision for building a vibrant youth/family ministry and the gifting and passion to carry it out.


We are a small church by “industry” standards, but one surrounded on every side by great potential. No less than 8 school districts are represented in our youth group on any given Sunday, demonstrating that we are not only a community church, we are a commuter church.


The ideal candidate would possess an undergraduate degree in a related field and have some experience working with students, grades 6-12.


In addition to teaching engaging Bible studies, the Pastor of Youth and Family Ministry will be expected to bridge the gap between the church and the aforementioned school districts that we serve, while investing heavily in fostering relationships with our own students and families, outside of regular office hours. Which means that your hours will be flexible to allow for your attendance at students after school programs, sporting events, etc.


To be clear, we aren’t looking for a Sunday school teacher that occasionally takes students out for pizza. The traditional model of youth ministry “isn’t going to cut it,” in our context. (Pardon the pun.)


Finally, as an added bonus, the facilities and finances are in place to support the mission, and whomever God wills to fill this position will have a supportive base of loyal fans cheering them on every step of the way!


If you think you might be the right fit, and are interested in learning more about this career opportunity, send a resume to


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Farmersville First Baptist Church Ohio
334 A N Elm St
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Farmersville First Baptist Church Ohio



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