Rural Central IL Pastor at Fame Evangelical Church
Moweaqua IL

We are seeking that special person God has for us so that our church can be a beacon in our community. Subsequently, we believe we should be fully transparent. When we hire a new pastor, there should be no surprises, which is the reason for the length of this description.

About Fame Evangelical Church

Fame Evangelical Church has been ministering to Moweaqua IL and the surrounding community for over 130 years. The church has been remodeled and modernized multiple times throughout those years and is in excellent condition. The building is nestled between corn and bean fields, and it is a mile down a chipped and sealed road from Illinois Rte. 51. The church building is in excellent shape, and it is regularly inspected for any structural problems. It is not a “fancy” church with ornate woodwork; it is a humble church built and maintained by a farming community.


Our church stands on the Word of God, and we base all decisions on the scripture. We firmly believe that the instruction manual (the Bible) should not be deviated from. The congregation is comprised of primarily blue-collar working families and retirees/widows. Once a vibrant church, it has seen a decline in attendance over the last five years. This decrease of members has mainly coincided with the passing of older members; however, a few people left due to being offended by the truth.

Our former pastor resigned on July 1st. After his resignation, several in the church wanted to close the doors. After much prayer and discussion, the majority of those still attending decided to do everything in our power to keep it open. It should be noted that the issue related to closing is not financial, as (over the past years) we have had sufficient money to operate. The former pastor was paid enough to raise four children, plus he received retirement and health benefits and lived in the (now) approximately 10-year-old parsonage. The parsonage was built to replace an older parsonage and accommodate the pastor’s needs with his growing family.


Fame Evangelical Church supports multiple missions. The church spends somewhere between $6,000 to $7,000 per year supporting nine missions, and we occasionally provide one-time gifts to missionaries that the committee believes are an important cause. Missions are an integral part of our church, and until Covid-19 struck, we had a missions conference every year.


Unfortunately, no children currently attend our church, except for the interim pastors’ grandchildren. This is a trend we would very much like to change. Children are the future of Christianity, and without them being saved and raised in the Christian way, we believe that there will be a decline in the number of believers to carry on the faith.

We do maintain a youth group, which typically consists of teenagers from other churches. Since the leaving of our former pastor, the youth group has been led by his 22-year-old son, who is currently trying new methods of growth. He is presently changing the night that the Youth Group meets so it does not compete with other Youth Groups, changing activities from just Bible Studies to include team building, Christian movies, special guests, etc.

The Ideal Pastoral Candidate

We are looking for a pastor that meets the biblical standards in the first chapter of Titus and the third chapter of I-Timothy. First and foremost, we would expect our pastor to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. While this should go without saying, we see that some pastors in today’s world do not have this relationship, and the churches they serve seem not to care. Our church is a traditionalist church in this manner because we believe that God’s word is clear and never changing.

We are also looking for specific traits. While the potential pastor may not necessarily have all of these traits, the more they have, the more likely they will be a fit for our church. These attributes include:

Good communication skills
A leader (rather than a manager)
Passion (for God’s word and sharing it with the flock he watches over)
Someone who is not afraid of offending congregants with biblical truths
A church builder with a vision
Decisiveness (able to call issues out within the church or members)
Someone who can provide encouragement and mentoring
Someone that can counsel with hurting souls
Someone that follows up with missing members and guests (visitation)
A prayer warrior

Of course, many more attributes could be listed; however, this should provide a basic understanding of the type of pastor we are looking for.


Fame Evangelical Church
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Mark S Warnick Ph.D.


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