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Faith Reformed Church | Wisconsin Rapids, WI


Who We Are Searching For

We are searching for a pastor with a strong commitment to Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, who consistently maintains a growing relationship with Him. Since promoting biblical truth is germane to the position, our pastor is expected to uphold biblical standards in both their private and public lives. Ideally, the candidate for this position will have the gifts of visionary leadership, biblical teaching, relational understanding and communication, and the ability to motivate others into action using the gifts given to them through the Holy Spirit.  He will be able to build upon the work Faith Reformed Church (FRC) has put into developing our Vision Framework — helping to guide our church toward God’s preferred future while also understanding our current reality.  He will also align with our vision “To glorify God and put love into action, by intentionally connecting with, embracing, and serving our community.”





Preaching and Worship

•  Studies the Word of God and submits to its transforming power

•  Depends daily on God in prayer, modeling a lifestyle of prayer

•  Believes that the Bible is the infallible Word of God, and teaching how to live in light of that

•  Preaches the Word of God under the guidance of the Holy Spirit

•  Motivates the people of FRC to read and study God’s Word and share the Word with others

•  Works with the Worship Committee to create Christ-centered, dynamic, meaningful, and relevant worship gatherings



•   Is willing and able to sift through diverse voices and opinions — listening with an open heart to change when necessary

•   Will participate in a yearly evaluation process

•   Maintains healthy boundaries and balances between family and work

•   Establishes office hours and maintains a personal weekly schedule — with flexibility

•   Able to recognize issues & concerns, and be able to communicate those to Consistory

•   Understands and maintains appropriate confidentiality

•   Accountable to the Board of Elders


•   Models a Christ-like example as they humbly lead and serve at FRC

•   Has integrity and is willing and able to do what they say they’re going to do, when they’re going to do it

•   Affirms other people by helping them to achieve their best, building a movement of people to spread the message of the Gospel and make disciples, by empowering them to use their talents, gifts, and abilities

•   Is Visionary:

-     Pragmatically able to work within the now, using and maximizing the people and resources at hand, while also able to see beyond present circumstances to a place and destination that we may not

-     Able to work through conflict to arrive at a goal and meet the vision

-     Able to build up the people and platform that are present — often making them even better than they thought possible — while demonstrating the attributes of Christ and building the Kingdom of God at the same time

•   Fosters strong relationships with Consistory and church members

Primary Responsibilities of the Position


Connecting with Others

•   Shares information clearly, concisely, completely, and creatively.

•   Listens to others

•   Understands that we are interconnected with each other.  When communicating and interacting with people, has the ability to be engaged, centered, kind, respectful, compassionate, honest, clear, and humble

•   Equips those at FRC to be disciples who make disciples

•   Models personal evangelism through connections with unchurched individuals, visitors, local outreach efforts, and missional experiences


Care Ministry

•   Oversees and participates in the Care Elders ministry to ensure that people are being nurtured and supported. Includes visiting the sick and elderly

•   Performs weddings and funerals as requested

•   Offers support through pastoral counseling as needed, or in the event of a crisis

Personal Qualifications & Requirements

•   Be a growing disciple of Christ and engaged in regular spiritual growth and disciplines including personal devotions, worship attendance, prayer, solitude, etc.

•   Possess at least a Master of Divinity degree from an accredited seminary

•   Be, or able to become, an ordained minister of the Gospel

•   A sincere love and compassion for all people - both saved and unsaved

•   If married, a spouse who is supportive of one’s work in ministry

•  Must be living in accordance with the scripture.  If married, the relationship must be heterosexual.



•   Salary and benefits commensurate with experience and tenure



Faith Reformed Church
1321 32nd St. N
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin 54494


Erick Braaksma (email to request a church profile or download from our website)


Wisconsin Rapids, WI 54494
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