Lead Pastor at Faith Fellowship Church of Fort Bend
Missouri City, TX

Lead Pastor - Faith Fellowship Church of Fort Bend

Job Title: Lead Pastor

Description of Church:  Faith Fellowship Church, which is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention, has the luxury of being an established church while simultaneously providing the excitement of a new church plant.  The ministry was founded twenty-five years ago with the mission of reaching Asian Americans. It began with just six members and then grew to over 100 members.  After twenty years, the founding pastor retired. The church was led for a couple of years by its associate pastor.  In 2018, the church’s name was changed to Faith Fellowship Church of Fort Bend to better reach the diverse community of Missouri City. In the last few years, FFC has made some updates to its building and is prepared for growth. The church has financial resources as well as a committed group of members who have been equipped for the task ahead.  All that is needed is the right leader to chart the course and steer the ship.

Position Summary:  The Lead Pastor will provide spiritual oversight and leadership direction for its Elders, Deacons, and Deaconesses.  Preach, equip, disciple, evangelize and provide necessary counsel for those in need.  Must champion the church vision and mission. The Lead Pastor will direct the congregation and provide oversight for the ministry teams.  The Lead Pastor  will be knowledgeable of the ByLaws and use them as a guide for leading the church.  Must also be well grounded in the scriptures, demonstrate godly character, and provide a good role model for those both inside the church as well as outside the church.  The Lead Pastor needs to have the spiritual maturity and skills to equip and develop leaders so that the ministry can grow and mature.

Education Required: Seminary degree (MDIV) or higher from an accredited school.

Experience Required: A minimum of three years of leadership in a church; proven ability to manage change and work with different ethnicities.

Skills Required:
Effective communication skills (listening and speaking) to. . .Deliver Biblical, inspiring, life-applicable messages.
Lead the congregation in fulfilling the mission/vision of the church.
Counsel and comfort those in need.
Resolve conflicts and mediate in times of disagreement.
Leadership skills to. . .Provide organization and structure during your initial service and beyond.
Instill confidence, as well as direction, in what needs to be done as well as how it should be done.
Delegate tasks and responsibilities to appropriate person(s) and provide support as needed.
Provide specific methods for achieving goals that support the mission/vision.
Interpersonal skills to. . .Develop trust and confidence with others.
Be empathic to the different personalities and levels of spiritual growth in others.
Be aware of your own needs and challenges and seek the necessary assistance.
Job Duty Name: Pastor/Teacher
Description of Job Duty:Be the primary preacher/teacher for worship services.
Work with staff in preparing and executing worship services
Lead the congregation in observing church ordinances according to church guidelines.
Provide leadership and oversight with the development and maintenance of appropriate curriculum and other educational materials.
Provide leadership and oversight of the discipleship program.
Job Duty Name: Shepherding.
Description of Job Duty:
Develop programs or ministries to strengthen fellowship in the congregation.
Oversee the visitation of those who are ill and or hospitalized.
Oversee the effective communication with and assimilation of those who are first time guests.
Oversee the execution of any premarital counseling, weddings or funerals as needed.
Provide short term counseling as needed. Oversee any necessary response in crisis situations.
Oversee any necessary pastoral care.
Job Duty Name: Administration
Description of Job Duty:
Provide strategic planning and staff coordination for the execution of the church's mission/vision. The Lead Pastor will also provide spiritual leadership for staff, Elders and Deacons.
Act as ex-officio member of all ministry teams and committees.
Work with the Church Council to ensure that the business of the church remains fiscally sound and that volunteers are adequately supported.
Work with the Church Council on staff additions and training, as well as salary reviews and recommendations.
Internal/External Contacts:  The Lead Pastor will guide the members of the pastoral staff; ensuring accountability to fulfill the requirements of their job description. The Lead Pastor also needs to have fellowship with other ministers.  He needs to plan regular breaks in his schedule for rest and renewal.  This includes attending conferences and taking vacations to mitigate potential burn out.


Faith Fellowship Church of Fort Bend
2723 Kingsbrook Ln
Missouri City, Texas 77459


Kimberly Tape

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Missouri City, TX
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Full Time
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